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5 Fantastically Fun Ideas for your Samples and Offcuts

At Trulawn we pride ourselves on bringing you the very best artificial grass products. We are always more than happy to send you out a Free Sample Pack so you can see for yourself just how realistic our grasses are. Because nothing beats seeing the authentic colours and feeling the rich texture up close. But once you’ve had your beautiful new artificial lawn installed, what can you do with those samples, or any offcuts you may have. Well, if you’re up for a creative project, we’ve got a few suggestions for you! Table runner Whether it’s a Spring dinner party […]

How to achieve the perfect curved lawn

We love the look of an artificial lawn alongside sweeping flower beds and borders. Plants and shrubs enhance the authenticity of your grass and introduce additional colours and scents into your garden. A great way to give your borders a soft finish is to create a curved edge that dips in and out of the lawn. This creates extra depth in your flowerbeds, as well as adding visual interest when considering the view from a distance. This striking garden look can be achieved with an artificial lawn as well as natural one by using metal edging. Types of Lawn Edging […]

Let your lawn bring in the birds

With the winter months coming to an end, you’ve probably noticed more activity in the sky. As the cold weather passes our feathered friends start making more regular appearances. But, is having them land in your garden harder than you thought? Having an artificial lawn doesn’t mean you can’t still encourage birds into your back garden! Accommodating the changing requirements – of both resident and seasonal visitors – can meet the needs of your garden birds all year round, and will make for a busy garden full of wildlife. Feeding your flock The quickest and easiest way to invite birds into […]

Hosting a barbecue in a garden with artificial grass

Now is the time of year when Brits across the UK dust off their barbecues, the smell of charcoal and sizzling beef drifts across fences, and the sun shines well into the evening. If you’re worried about hosting a barbecue because you’ve got an artificial lawn, don’t panic. We’ve got some advice for making sure it all goes smoothly. Here’s a practical guide to hosting a barbecue if you have an artificial lawn: When are you planning the occasion If you’ve already got your artificial grass then no problems! But if you’re planning to have it done before a special […]

7 Simple ways to give your garden a spring clean

When the sun starts shining it’s time to go outside again! But with a long autumn and winter your garden can be looking a bit scruffy. If that’s the case we’ve got some really simple ways to give it a spruce up. Power washing Power washing can make a big difference to the appearance of a patio or decking by removing unwanted mulch and returning stone to its rightful colour. If you have a power-washer handy then great, otherwise they can quite easily be hired. Just remember that some patios are dressed with sand which may need to be replaced post-wash. […]

Simple Solutions for your Shady Garden

Do you have a garden in shade that you don’t know what to do with? Are the straggly plants and struggling grass getting you down? There are a few things you can introduce to perk up any shady places, just take a read of the following and see if any of these solutions might suit your garden… Contrasting colours Brightly coloured plants add colour to an area and bring light into dark spots. If you are planning any type of hard landscaping, perhaps choose a light coloured tile or stone that will contrast against the dark greens. Terracotta pots, and […]

5 questions to ask before installing artificial grass

Artificial grass can completely change the way you use your garden, but it’s always best to be fully informed before you make such a big commitment. Here are five key questions to ask yourself before getting a quote or having artificial grass installed… Why are you getting the artificial grass? Is it for the kids, pets, to save time, because your drainage is poor, or maybe you need it because you have mobility issues? There are a whole host of reasons why you might be considering artificial grass, so keep that in mind when talking to a surveyor and looking […]

5 things to remember when installing a fake lawn

We offer a supply only service as well as installation for those who are brave enough to install their own grass. It’s by no means a simple task for someone with no groundwork experience. There are a number of steps to ensure that your lawn is stable, secure and able to drain water effectively. We’ve got some of the main things to remember to make sure everything goes smoothly. The last thing you want is for your lawn to give you a fright every time you look at it!  5 things to remember when installing a fake lawn: Laying the […]

8 simple ways to protect container plants from cold weather

One of the best ways to compliment a Trulawn is with container plants. Brightly coloured pots and plants can really add warmth and dynamism to a garden and are typically pretty easy to take care of. If you’d like to make sure your plants survive cold weather than we’ve got eight simple tips to bear in mind…   1. Terracotta pots are susceptible to freezing. Non-porous containers such as plastic, concrete or metal are less so!   2. Larger pots with a greater volume of soil will protect the plant better.   3. Plants with established roots will have a better chance […]

5 Ways You Can Help Your Garden Wildlife Throughout Autumn

Having a Trulawn means no more mowing, no reseeding and no muddy patches.  With all that time saved you can think about all sorts of other things. This Autumn why not turn your attention to the wildlife that lives in your garden? Take a look at these five simple ways to help nature out through the colder seasons. Leaves It’s important to sweep up leaves from your Trulawn, as decaying debris can affect the drainage holes in the grass backing. However, if you have a flowerbed or other area outside your lawn, rather than get rid of them, a pile of leaves, sticks and dead wood will make a […]

How to make your Trulawn a classic striped lawn

People often ask us, how do you get those stripes in the lawn? To tell you the truth it’s not some big secret, in fact you could do it too if you want to give it a go. How does it work? Stripes are created by encouraging the pile to face in two different directions. Blades that face towards you look differently to those facing away, with ‘darker’ and ‘lighter’ colours created. This perception is simply down to light reflection. Tools you will need: A stiff push brush Or if you’d prefer… A power brush, for example a kombi engine with […]

How to protect your plants from your pets and vice versa

It can be tricky to find a balance between a garden that you love, and a garden that is suitable for pets. But don’t worry! Your animals and your garden can live together in harmony! Have a read of our tips for making sure your pets don’t ruin your lawn and flowerbeds, as well as how to make sure your garden is pet friendly… Know your Breed Different dogs have different behaviours, with some inherently motivated to dig, dig, dig! Keep that in mind when choosing a dog, or designing a garden. What you think might be bad behaviours may […]