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The Garden Design Trends for 2019

As we head into another year of gorgeous green artificial grass installations at Trulawn, we also love to keep ourselves updated on the latest garden design trends and inspirations. This year, we have put together some of the most popular and upcoming features that you may start to see in your neighbour’s garden, or even provide some inspiration for your own. These garden design trends are suitable for both natural and artificial grass owners to enjoy. Grow your own Rising food prices, a need to cut down plastic packaging and the increase of organic produce consumption’s has encouraged many people […]

2018: Looking back at our best Artificial Grass Installations!

2018 has been a great year for the Trulawn team as we get to work closely with our customers and help them build their dream garden. Our artificial grass is the perfect low maintenance alternative for your grass if you suffer with muddy, patchy, or patioed surfaces. We have put together our favourite installations from each month, completed by our fully experienced installation teams, and if you’re loving the Trulawn transformation, click the image to read the full installation January Transformation February Transformation March Transformation April Transformation May Transformation June Transformation July Transformation August Transformation September Transformation October Transformation November […]

Why you should install Artificial Grass in Autumn/Winter

People might be shocked to learn we operate all year round, which includes rainy Autumn and the frosty Winter. That’s because you can install an artificial lawn at any time of the year, as long as you’ve got an enthusiastic team and manageable weather conditions. If you think you have to wait until next spring use your garden, think again. Now is the perfect time to install artificial grass and here are some of the reasons why… Shorter time for you to wait The autumn-winter period is after the peak season in the landscaping industry so there is usually a […]

Some essential tools for your Bank Holiday installation

A Bank Holiday is the perfect time to get stuck into some DIY, but it’s important to have the right artificial grass installation tools before you get started! If you’re planning on installing artificial grass yourself we’ve got a handy installation guide to take you through the step by step. And if you’re not sure which tools you might need we’ve got five of our installation essentials. Wheelbarrow The transportation device no installer can live without, especially when there is limited access to your garden Why is it essential? You will need to remove the existing turf before laying your […]

Our top tips to growing your own Fruit and Vegetables

Growing your own produce is all the rage nowadays. You may have toyed with the idea of growing your own but have probably been put off by the thought of maintenance or investing time into it for the produce to ultimately fail. However, there are some ways to build an Artificial Grass Allotment! Surprisingly, there are some fruit and vegetables that are simple to harvest in your own garden, whether it’s in a pot in your house, or a raised bed in your garden. And even if you own Artificial Grass, it doesn’t mean you aren’t able to join in […]

Have a mini festival in your own back garden!

Summer is known for being the festival season, as some of the largest festivals such as Camp Bestival, Goodwood and Glastonbury are enjoyed make their debut. The fun atmosphere is enjoyed by all ages, but sometimes it’s hard to attend whether it’s the price, travelling there or personal reasons. So instead, hosting an awesome Artificial garden mini festival for all the friends and family can be a great alternative, and if you have an artificial grass lawn, you won’t need to worry about muddy wellies going into your house! Decor If you want your back-garden festival to be a success, […]

Have the perfect picnic on your Artificial Grass

Picnics are one of the most enjoyable ways that families and friends can get together, whilst enjoying the warm weather. And what makes it even better is enjoying your refreshing drinks and yummy snacks on your soft Artificial Grass! To make sure you picnic is the best, we have some fun tips on how to enjoy your summer picnic on your Artificial Grass Stay safe in the sun Even if you’re only venturing outside to your garden, it’s always important to stay safe in the sun. Try and sit underneath a tree or use an umbrella to provide some shade. […]

Helping the Wildlife in your Artificial Grass Garden

Just because you have artificial grass, it doesn’t mean you have to reduce the amount of wildlife in your Artificial Grass garden. We have put together some easy-to-do features that will help the wildlife in your garden, or support the furry friends or crawly critters that might just be passing through. Provide Shelter As the weather heats up, some animals and insects still need to find some cover from the sun. Stepping stones and dense hedges are perfect for creatures large and small. Find out different ways on incorporating flowerbeds, hedges and stepping stones in your garden! Leaf Piles In […]

5 Fantastically Fun Ideas for your Samples and Offcuts

At Trulawn we pride ourselves on bringing you the very best artificial grass products. We are always more than happy to send you out a Free Sample Pack so you can see for yourself just how realistic our grasses are. Because nothing beats seeing the authentic colours and feeling the rich texture up close. But once you’ve had your beautiful new artificial lawn installed, what can you do with those samples, or any offcuts you may have. Well, if you’re up for a creative project, we’ve got a few suggestions for you! Table runner Whether it’s a Spring dinner party […]

How to achieve the perfect curved lawn

We love the look of an artificial lawn alongside sweeping flower beds and borders. Plants and shrubs enhance the authenticity of your grass and introduce additional colours and scents into your garden. A great way to give your borders a soft finish is to create a curved edge that dips in and out of the lawn. This creates extra depth in your flowerbeds, as well as adding visual interest when considering the view from a distance. This striking garden look can be achieved with an artificial lawn as well as natural one by using metal edging. Types of Lawn Edging […]

Let your lawn bring in the birds

With the winter months coming to an end, you’ve probably noticed more activity in the sky. As the cold weather passes our feathered friends start making more regular appearances. But, is having them land in your garden harder than you thought? Having an artificial lawn doesn’t mean you can’t still encourage birds into your back garden! Accommodating the changing requirements – of both resident and seasonal visitors – can meet the needs of your garden birds all year round and will make for a busy garden full of wildlife. Feeding your flock The quickest and easiest way to invite birds into […]

Hosting a barbecue in a garden with artificial grass

Now is the time of year when Brits across the UK dust off their barbecues, the smell of charcoal and sizzling beef drifts across fences, and the sun shines well into the evening. If you’re worried about hosting a barbecue because you’ve got an artificial lawn, don’t panic. We’ve got some advice for making sure it all goes smoothly. Here’s a practical guide to hosting a barbecue if you have an artificial lawn: When are you planning the occasion If you’ve already got your artificial grass then no problems! But if you’re planning to have it done before a special […]