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Play Areas

artificial garden play area

Create Your Perfect Play Area

The owners of this property in Bexley Heath wanted to make their garden a fun and safe playing environment, so they opted for an artificial…

Artificial Grass indoors

Fun Family Room at Westfield

Artificial Grass indoors is becoming very popular, as an alternative soft surface to play on! Our Trulawn Luxury has been used here to liven up…

artificial grass trampoline space

Trampoline on top

Trulawn Luxury is a highly durable grass and a great choice for an artificial grass trampoline space! The great thing about artificial grass is that…

artificial garden sunken trampoline

Installation around a trampoline

For those who are interested about having artificial grass around their trampoline, this is a great example of what an artificial garden sunken trampoline installation looks…

multicoloured artificial grass play area

Creative Installation at Tweseldown Playgroup

Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener, because our multicoloured artificial grass play area is an exciting addition for a fun surface. Most people are unaware how…


Cycle Track at Downside Primary School

Trulawn already installed over 7,000sqm of our Luxury artificial grass at Downside Primary School as part of a massive refurbishment project at the school. The…


Marlborough Primary School, Isleworth

This was an interesting installation that required quite a bit of dig out. We excavate the ground in order to lay our sub-base but in…