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Artificial Grass Balconies, Roofs & Terraces

Add a touch of green to hard surfaces or hard to reach areas.

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Balconies and Roofs

Artificial grass can really help you feel like you’ve got a garden even when you live in an apartment! You can easily create a green look and feel with artificial grass, without the need for soil and plant food.

Offices and workplaces often have roof spaces that can go unused or neglected. Artificial grass balconies and rooftops can completely transform these areas to offer staff a welcome break out space or offer more options to discuss projects with clients.


Sometimes artificial grass works well as a simple cover up! Improve the look of a dirty, well used courtyard or terrace with artificial grass, without having to break up or remove concrete.

As long as the existing surface is in good condition with reliable drainage, you can lay fake grass almost anywhere. With our foam underlay or shock-pad you can also add an extra layer of softness, an advantage for spaces being used by families.

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Great for small spaces

In general, artificial grass is great for small spaces where grass is not an option, or is unlikely to grow well due to the usage or surroundings. If you want to add instant appeal to a small outdoor are then fake grass does the trick!

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Top Tips for Artificial Grass on Balconies and Terraces

surface good condition

A surface in good condition with reliable drainage will be the best kind of surface to fix any grass down

grass adhesive

Our grass adhesive is super strong and long lasting so make sure you’re happy with your grass position before applying adhesive to any surface

grass rolls

Rolls come in 2, 4 or 5 width so you may need help transporting them to the top of a building