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Trulawn Refresh Artificial Grass Maintenance Service

We know that you’ll want to keep that new lawn look and feel for as long as possible, but it can hard to keep it upright and fresh when it’s being enjoyed all year round, and all you’ve got is a simple broom to work with! That’s why we have the Trulawn Refresh team, who are able to offer a professional rejuvenation service to give your lawn that extra boost.

What Does a Trulawn Refresh Include?

Large Weeds & Debris

Larger surface weed and debris removal

Pile Rejuvenation

Pile Rejuvenation using the Trulawn Rejuvenator in select heavily flattened or soiled areas

Dirt & Debris Removal

Collection of micro dirt and deep rooted debris
un-earthed by the Rejuvenator

Power Brush

All over power brush of the area to further revitalise and enhance overall lawn appearance

Surface Clean

All over surface spray with artificial grass cleaner to help clean, disinfect and destroy odours

Trulawn Refresh Prices

Up to 40sqm Lawn


(ex. VAT)

Dirt and debris removal, pile rejuvenation and refresh spray

Over 40sqm Lawn


(ex. VAT)

Dirt and debris removal, pile rejuvenation and refresh spray

Dog on Refreshed Lawn

Case Study

A Fresh Lawn for Alonso

Alonso is a 5-year-old husky who uses this garden everyday to play and relax with his family, as well as do his business in a certain corner.

After a few years of use the lawn has become flatter in the central area with dust, dirt and husky hair naturally settling in the grass blades.

With our Trulawn Refresh service this lawn looks like brand new! Our tools have removed the deep-down dirt and hair trapped in the pile, with a noticeable improvement in pile rejuvenation, colour and (with our sanitising spray) a fresh smell too!

Before & After Trulawn Refresh

Refresh BeforeRefresh After
Garden Before RefreshGarden After Refresh
Lawn refresh

What makes the Trulawn Rejuvenator so special?

Trulawn uses specialist machinery designed to return artificial grass back to like-new condition. The Trulawn Rejuvenator uses rotational bristles of metal to remove surface weeds, debris and dirt particles from deep inside the thatch of the grass. A power brush alone cannot reach the same depths of dirt removal as the Trulawn Rejuvenator which is why it’s an essential piece of the Trulawn Refresh toolkit.