Learning how to clean an artificial grass lawn is the best way to jeep it is looking fresh and make it last the test of time. Whilst artificial grass is low-maintenance, it’s not zero maintenance. Just like you hoover your carpet, you’ll occasionally want to give your lawn a bit of TLC .

Highly recommended: Remove debris

We highly recommend removing debris to clean an artificial grass lawn, as lots of debris not only looks untidy but can travel deep into your pile to make drainage more difficult.

If your garden is shady with lots of tree canopy you may find debris like leaves and twig more likely. Thankfully no amount of leaves, twigs or shade is going to change the colour of your grass.

Recommended: Brushing

Brushing your lawn on a regular basis has the benefit of revitalising the pile of grass. This not only helps the grass look more natural, it also helps air the drainage holes. Blocked drainage holes makes drainage more difficult for your lawn.

Whilst brushing can be achieved with a regular push brush, if you’d like something with a bit more oomph we also have two models of power brush available to make it even easier for you.

Home Power Brushes

Recommended: Wash with soapy water

Warm water and soap are an easy way to clean up any spills or messes on artificial grass without damaging the grass or spoiling the colour. So, if you’re entertaining in your garden and accidentally drop a load of food it’s easy to clean up.

For anything stronger than normal washing up liquid you may like to test the product on an area of grass before covering your whole lawn. Whilst most disinfectant won’t be a problem when you clean an artificial grass lawn it’s always best to test just in case.

Recommended (for pets): Zeolite

If your pet is using the lawn to urinate or defecate, then we recommend washing after picking up solids or in areas where urination is happening frequently. This is to keep the area sterile so everyone (kids and pets) can enjoy the lawn all together.

As a further measure you may like to distribute Trulawn Zeolite onto an area where the primary use is for dogs to urinate or defecate. This is an infill designed to neutralise odours by preventing the smelly component of pet urine from turning into a gas. This is ideal for dogs on medication, with a particular diet or breed characteristics that make smelly urine more common.

We hope you find this guidance on how to clean an artificial grass lawn useful, we have lots of further advice and guidance in our vast FAQ section. Overall artificial grass is extremely low-maintenance and very easy to care for. With a little attention you can expect your artificial lawn to last at least 10 years or as much as 15! If you need help and advice about your artificial lawn, you can also give us a call on 0800 2100 461. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

Looking to deep clean artificial grass lawn?

If you struggle with regular maintenance and are looking to deep clean an artificial grass lawn, we offer a premium maintenance service called Trulawn Refresh.

Trulawn Refresh involves

  1. Large debris removal
  2. Pile rejuvenation using the Trulawn Rejuvenator
  3. Collection of micro-dirt and deep-rooted debris un-earthed by the Rejuvenator
  4. Power brush of the area to further revitalise and enhance overall lawn appearance.
  5. All over surface spray with artificial grass cleaner to help, disinfect and destroy odours.