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Trulawn Installation Process

If you’re looking for an artificial grass installation process, we recommend contacting us first.

Trulawn provide a full installation service along with our products. To achieve the highest standard of appearance and to ensure your artificial grass maximises its lifespan, a quality installation is essential.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our installations and there are 2 key factors that distinguish us from some of our competitors.

Preparation is the key to success

Trulawn will always lay a base of aggregate, in addition to grano dust, many other artificial grass installers only lay a base of sharp sand, ensuring a robust and long term installation of your new lawn.

We remove the waste

Additionally we will remove all the existing sod and waste, most competitor installation providers will ask you to hire a skip and of course you have to pay for it, we include this priced into our service.

Our artificial grass installation, step by step

Installed Artificial Lawn

A perfect artificial grass installation by Trulawn, the complete garden flowerbeds and treeline for a balance with nature, decking for entertaining and fun play areas for the kids!