Missed out on a holiday this year? Stuck at home? No problem! You can create the feeling of being on holiday right from your back garden. All it takes is a bit of creativity. Check out some of our ideas for creating the perfect home away from home at home…

Plant like you’re abroad

Holiday palm trees

Nothing says holiday like palm trees!

Palm trees, yuccas and wild grasses are all available in the UK and can really transform a garden. There are certain varieties that can grow quite well even in colder climates, so you can plant them in the ground and they’ll survive until next year.

If you don’t want a reminder of the beach, rock gardens and shrubs can conjure up the mountains. Treat yourself to an olive tree or grape vine and picture yourself on a wine tour!

Al fresco dining

Al Fresco Dining

The Great British public are no strangers to a barbecue, but how do you make it feel more like a vacation rather than just a bank holiday treat?

Choosing outdoor furniture and dining sets can really make the difference in creating a theme. Look for styles and colours that are popular in your destination of choice. For example, tiles, mosaics and printed ceramics in bold colours like blue are often the sort of thing you’d find in places like Spain, Greece, Turkey or Morocco.

Go a step further and invest in an outdoor oven or fire pit to bake pizzas or get a tagine going. Making your favourite food will fill your garden with smells that take you back to your favourite destination. Just remember to keep these on patios and away from your windows and doors!

Soak up the rays!

Garden Sun Lounger

What’s one of the main reasons people go on holiday? To get a tan of course! Rather than sling a towel on your patio or grass, soak up the rays in style with a luxury sun lounger. They can vary in price but they might also be kinder on your back in the long run.

Enjoy the stars

Starry sky

How often do you stop to look up at the night sky? Holidays are meant for relaxing, so take a moment to breathe and enjoy the sight of the stars on a clear night. See if you can work out which constellations you’re seeing, or maybe make up a few of your own!

Those long summer nights can get cool in late evening so an outdoor heater is perfect for when you don’t want the outdoor enjoyment to end.

Create a playlist


Explore artists from your favourite places – the world is full of music! Take a break from the top 40 and immerse yourself in the culture of another country. Alternatively, cast your mind back to your favourite holiday and fill a list of all the tracks from the year you went.

We hope you enjoy our suggestions for spicing up your garden with that holiday feeling!