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Pet Friendly Artificial Grass for Dogs

Trulawn supply and install pet friendly artificial grass for dogs in homes nationwide. Treat your furry friend to grass that never gets too long, never wears out and is always fun to play on! And treat yourself to a lawn that you don’t have to worry about turning brown.

Dog standing on artificial grass
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dog laying on artificial grass

Why Choose Trulawn Artificial Grass for Your Pet?


Don’t worry about your grass turning yellow or brown from pet mess. Our artificial grass for dogs stays green regardless! It’s also UV stabilised, so no colour fading due to sun for a minimum of 10 years.


Your pet can lay down in luxury on artificial grass that keeps its soft feel throughout the year. No drying out and turning to straw, just fresh, healthy-feeling grass. If it’s soft enough for babies to crawl on, it’s soft enough for your fur-babies too!

No infill required

Our pet friendly artificial grass requires no additional infill, it stands up well enough on its own with a thick and realistic grassy thatch and dense number of blades. So your pets won’t be urinating into sand or rubber you have to regularly change.

Pet Smell Remedies

Every pet is different, just like humans! Some pets have strong smelling urine due to their dietary needs, medication, or traits of the breed. We recommend the following products for those pets who might have special requirements.

trulawn zeolite

Trulawn Zeolite

Trulawn Zeolite is a natural granule you can add to the top of the grass to neutralises smells before they develop. Trulawn Zeolite naturally recharges by heavy rainfall, meaning you’ll rarely have to change it.

trulawn harmony

Trulawn Harmony

Our eco-friendly Trulawn Harmony is manufactured with a latex-free backing and uses dispersion technology to allow liquids to pass through the grass more easily than latex covered grasses.

Easy to Clean

We recommend following these easy cleaning tips to help your lawn look and smell clean and fresh for as long as possible:

Pick up any messes as soon as possible

Wash with warm soapy water or disinfectant solution

Rinse more frequently in dry periods

trulawn refresh

Trulawn Refresh

Have your lawn professionally refreshed by Trulawn with our rejuvenation service.

Some Commonly Asked Questions…

Which grass do you recommend for dogs?

All our grasses are suitable for dogs so always go with your favourite! Just remember the longer the grass, the more there is to clean!

Will a dog be able to dig up artificial grass?

Artificial grass is highly durable but it is not indestructible. A very determined dog may have some effect on the grass, but after a decade in the business we have not found this to be a common problem! If you have a breed of dog with digging as a behavioural aspect we recommend including areas around the installation that can be indulge this behaviour such as flower beds, borders or a sand pit.

Does artificial grass need cleaning?

We recommend cleaning your artificial grass to keep the area sanitary. This is especially important if young children are also using the same area to play.

Will it withstand a lot of dogs and family

Artificial grass is highly durable so it will not wear thin from use. You may have some blade flattening if heavy objects (or furry friends!) spend a lot of time in the same place. Whilst the grass will spring back to a certain extent, a good, firm brushing will bring it back up to vertical.

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