There is a lot of uncertainty in the world at the moment, so avoiding giving yourself extra stress and finding moments to relax can be tricky to do! Now more than ever it’s important to enjoy the little things, and a beautiful tidy fake lawn might just be the thing to help you do so. Even eliminating a small but constant source of aggregation can make a big difference to your overall outlook.

How could an artificial lawn improve your mood?

Reducing your workload – make the most of ‘me’ time

If you’re feeling overworked then the last thing you want to do is come home to a messy house and unruly garden. Artificial grass dramatically reduces the amount of work required in the garden; fake lawns require very little maintenance. That means you can come home, put your feet up and enjoy your free time as you please. An artificial lawn can last up to 15 years these days, just think of how much more ‘me’ time that is!

Kids running wild without wear and tear

One of the biggest challenges for families during the pandemic has been balancing work, education and play. That can be even harder when the garden is a no-go zone due to dried out grass, muddy patches or drainage issues. Having a reliable surface for kids to play on, can’t be underestimated. Neither can the lifeline a garden can provide for social distancing. A fake lawn is much better prepared for consistent daily use by all members of the family.

Unable to travel? Invest in your home!

Many of us will be unable to travel or avoiding going too far from home for the foreseeable future. This is a great opportunity to make the best of your garden. Giving certain areas a makeover can provide a much needed positive boost to your mental health. Take inspiration from previous holidays by incorporating plants, colours or using materials that remind you of your favourite place. Could it be a Mediterranean terrace or a nautical British coastline? The choice is yours!

A sense of achievement

Getting a small project ticked off the list can bring a seriously mood-boosting sense of achievement. If you need a pick me up, something as small as potting a plant can transform your mood. Turning a lawn from dried out and yellow to luscious green has had an amazing effect on our customers. Read some of our reviews to find out the difference it has made to their lives!

Take the next step to a fuss-free lawn…

We pride ourselves on providing reliable lawns that mean you have one less thing to worry about. We hope that when the world outside feels unpredictable, you can trust a Trulawn to set your mind at ease!

Trulawn grass has a 10 year guarantee against UV fading and rot degradation, and every installation conducted by our in-house team comes with a 2 year works guarantee! If you’d like to get a quote for an installation for your garden then get in touch!

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