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Artificial Grass for Dogs & Other Pets

Why Is Artificial Grass Suited to Dogs and Pets?

Dog owners will know that having a dog can bring a lot of joy to your life, but not necessarily to your lawn. Active dogs can quickly turn lawns patchy and muddy through constant use, as well as discolour the grass with urine.

Artificial grass can completely transform a doggy designated lawn into an evergreen, low maintenance space that can withstand paws running around all year long.

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Why Is Artificial Grass Suited to Dogs and Pets?
Trulawn Harmony

Trulawn Harmony - Made from Recycled Plastic & 100% Recyclable

We're often asked which is the best artificial grass for dogs. Whilst they are all suitable, we recommend Trulawn Harmony because of its unique backing.

Trulawn Harmony is manufactured with a latex-free backing and uses polypropylene dispersion technology to allow liquids to pass through the grass more easily than latex covered grasses, whilst still keeping the grass blades stable and secure.

Latex-free grass is perfect for homeowners with large or many animals using the space as part of their daily routine as odours won’t be as noticeable, and the performance of the grass won’t be affected.

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Trulawn Zeolite Lawn Infill

Dog urine can become a smelly issue for some owners if you have multiple dogs, dogs with a specific diet, or a particular breed/sex of dog. We provide Trulawn Zeolite infill as an optional extra for dog owners who want to avoid any smells with their lawn.

What is Zeolite?

Zeolite is an all-natural substance which absorbs and neutralises odours before they occur. It is a granule added to the surface of the grass which, if using correct amounts based upon size of area and of pet(s), should not have to be replaced. Our infill is installed at the same time as your artificial grass installation to avoid any waiting period.

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Trulawn Zeolite Lawn Infill

How does Trulawn Zeolite Lawn Infill work?


Trulawn Zeolite infill is concealed within the artificial grass pile and attracts fresh urine

How does Trulawn Zeolite Lawn Infill work?

Trulawn Zeolite infill locks in the odour component, preventing it from becoming a gas (so not a smell!)


Heavy rain washes the odour deep into the ground and the infill is restored to normal

Top 3 Tips for Cleaning up After Your Pets

We recommend following these cleaning tips to help keep your lawn looking and smelling clean and fresh.


Pick up mess as soon as possible


Wash with warm soapy water or disinfectant solution


Rinse more frequently in dry periods of no rain

Interested in Having Your Lawn Professionally Cleaned?

Interested in Having Your Lawn Professionally Cleaned?

Sterilisation of the grass is important if you have family members playing alongside your pets – no one wants to roll around in dog mess when you’re supposed to be having fun!

If you’re interested in having your lawn professionally cleaned why not check out one of our maintenance options?

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Some Commonly Asked Questions...

Which grass do you recommend for dogs?

We recommend choosing a grass with a manageable pile for cleaning up after, though all grasses are suitable for dogs and pets. Typically we suggest Trulawn Luxury for its 32mm pile height and durability but it is all down to personal preference in the end!

Does artificial grass need cleaning?

We recommend cleaning your artificial grass to keep the area sanitary. This is especially important if young children are also using the same area to play.

Is the colour effected by urine?

No. Your grass will not be discoloured by urine or pet mess.

Will a dog be able to dig up artificial grass?

Artificial grass is highly durable but it is not indestructible. A very determined dog may have some effect on the grass, but after a decade in the business we have not found this to be a common problem! If you have a breed of dog with digging as a behavioural aspect we recommend including areas around the installation that can be indulge this behaviour such as flower beds, borders or a sand pit.

Will it withstand a lot of dogs and family members?

Artificial grass is highly durable so it will not wear thin from use. You may have some blade flattening if heavy objects (or furry friends!) spend a lot of time in the same place. Whilst the grass will spring back to a certain extent, a good, firm brushing will bring it back up to vertical.