There are quite a few ways to create an artificial grass football pitch or MUGA with line markings, we’ve listed the main options below.


You can use both non-permanent and permanent types of paint to create line markings on an artificial grass football pitch. Non-permanent options will wash away over time and use, and permanent markings work best on hard surfaces like playgrounds. For artificial grass you will likely use a non-permanent option so will need to consider a regular re-marking cost in your pitch maintenance.


So why not have the lines stitched into the grass? This is a more durable option as it’s native to the product and made of the same hardy materials as the rest of the pitch. With this option you have to consider the time it takes to manufacture and ship the grass for your pitch, so if you’re looking for a quick turnaround you may not be in luck.

Cutting in

Another method is by cutting in the lines in the pitch and joining the separate coloured grass required for the markings. In carrying out this method you would lay the entirety of the main pitch grass so that you have a blank grassed area. Then you would score the grass lines out using a cutting guide, and lay the lined grass in the subsequent gap.

Artificial grass football pitch at John Perryn Primary School

Installing the pitch…

We’ve created the initial artificial grass football pitch with our Trulawn Prestige grass. It’s a 37mm grass with a pile and density thick enough that you don’t need to use an infill, whilst soft enough that it feels close to real grass too. This is ideal for a school environment like this where there are children of lots of different ages.

To cut in the lines you use a guide string for the length and angle of the markings you want to cut in, then you use a cutter to cut through the existing grass field. For the circular part of the goal the guide string is used like a compass to ensure you have a consistent semi-circle all the way round.

We’ve joined Trulawn Multisport Premium to the Prestige in order to create the line markings. This was on a roll with a much shorter width to make it easier to roll out for this purpose. An option like this was chosen due to the timescale requirement of the school.

The finished pitch…

Overall this project took around a week to complete in order to let all of the adhesive cure on the initial feed before cutting in for the lines. This artificial grass football pitch or MUGA will be used by the children throughout the year for a variety of activities.

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