With the amazing benefits that artificial grass provides to your home life, business and school, it’s no wonder why many people are choosing Trulawn as their low maintenance alternative to dry or patchy grass for their summer garden design.

No more weekends spent mowing the lawn, a gorgeous appearance throughout the year and highly durable for children and pets. An artificial lawn is the perfect summer grass solution and help you enjoy your garden in the sun.

For the Soft and Safe Surface


Keeping the kids safe as they play outside is important for any parent or guardian. With many climbing frames available for a home garden or school playground, hard and patchy grass or patio isn’t the best surface to protect against falls. Plus, impact areas surrounding the equipment can be worn away after a while. An artificial grass lawn for both playgrounds and garden can guarantee a higher cushioned surface compared to natural grass.

We love Trampolines and think they are a great feature to add to your garden for the kids, especially one that is sunken with artificial grass surrounding it, which looks much neater than a raised one and and is easier to get on and off (and is the perfect summer garden design feature).

For Durability against Activity


We love encouraging our customers to get outside and enjoy their garden, and for the golf enthusiast, there is nothing better than perfecting your putt in the comfort of your own home. Our ProPutt can be installed in your own back garden to help you practise, even if the Golf Club is closed.

Football fans can enjoy artificial grass without the risk of wearing away one area, so your summer garden design includes no-patchy grass all year round.
We also provide specialised grasses for school installations, whether it is for smaller playgrounds or large playing fields, the children can play on it all year without the risk of bringing mud into the classroom.

For the Doggy Dream


Artificial grass is highly durable and will not wear thin from your playful pups, which can quickly turn lawns patchy and muddy through constant use. Dog urine can also cause unattractive discolouring on natural grass, but with our artificial lawns and Trulawn Zeolite which absorbs and neutralises odour, you and your pets can enjoy a green lawn with an additional fresh smell.

For Blending into Natural Surroundings


We understand that many people think that once you receive an artificial grass installation, it’ll affect the garden wildlife. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to ensure your garden remains busy with life. Flowerbeds with plenty of floral variety will attract numerous insects, bird tables with specified food can help you bird watch and mulch areas at the back of the garden is the perfect habitat for passing hedgehogs. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can increase the wildlife in your garden, whether you own artificial or natural grass.

For the extra environmentally conscious factor with an artificial grass installation, have you seen our Trulawn Harmony Artificial Grass which is made from recycled products and is 100% recyclable?

Trulawn Harmony is 100% recyclable which means the grass can be disposed of responsibly once it has reached the end of its life. As our most eco-friendly artificial grass, it is perfect for any garden and homeowner, and is the only artificial grass in the UK with truly green credentials!

For the Smaller Spaces


Just because you have a smaller outside area, doesn’t mean you can’t sink your toes into a soft surface. Our neat, low maintenance artificial grass can keep that small garden patch manageable without the struggle of mowing, and you can even lay artificial grass on a balcony for a softer alternative to wood or patio. If you’re looking to turn your small space into a green dream, our artificial grass products are the perfect choice.