Just because you have artificial grass, it doesn’t mean you have to reduce the amount of wildlife in your Artificial Grass garden. We have put together some easy-to-do features that will help the wildlife in your garden, or support the furry friends or crawly critters that might just be passing through.

Provide Shelter

As the weather heats up, some animals and insects still need to find some cover from the sun. Stepping stones and dense hedges are perfect for creatures large and small. Find out different ways on incorporating flowerbeds, hedges and stepping stones in your garden!

Leaf Piles

In a damp, shady corner of the garden and undisturbed, frogs, toads, newts and slug-eating centipedes thrive on decay, keeping the wildlife in your artificial grass garden!

Log Piles

Many different species are attracted to damp or dead wood. It’s an ideal habitat for amphibians, all manner of insects and small mammals including Hedgehogs.

Make a Pond

Possibly the single most useful feature for attracting a variety a wildlife, ponds are perfect for newts, frogs and insects, along with providing any visitors a drink throughout the day. Make sure the pond is kept clean and the edges are shallow to allow easy access in and out the water.


Just because you have artificial grass, it doesn’t mean you should give up on nature! Flowerbeds allow you to plant all sorts of vegetation for insects including Alyssum, Sunflowers, Lemon Balm and Parsely. Your flowerbeds can also hold dense mulch in the back of your garden to improve habitation.

Pollen Rich Plants

Bee’s won’t be able to resits your garden if you plants pollen and nectar-rich plants such as Hardy Salvia, Redbeckia, Lavender and Nepetas for a sweet treat!

Get Bird watching

We have a whole blog dedicated to bringing in our feathered friends, so learn how to bring in the birds to your artificial garden. 

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There are so many methods you can use to help the nature in your garden. Make these few small changes and you can bring major benefits for the wildlife, as well as have an artificial lawn the family can use all year round.