With the growing popularity of a low maintenance artificial grass lawn and the increased availability of fake grass, it’s no surprise that some homeowners are wondering if they can complete a DIY artificial grass installation without the help of a professional.

If you love to get stuck into a project or are looking into a budget friendly option for your new garden, it can definitely be done. Although we always suggest choosing our expert Trulawn installation team to ensure you get the best results, we want you to feel proud of your outdoor space, so here are our helpful tips!


We know that this is a standard rule of thumb when completing any DIY job, but you need to measure, measure and measure again. Measuring at least twice and from different directions will help you get as accurate measurements as possible and request the right amount of grass for your project.

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For more intricate borders and paving, we advise contacting our installation team.

Know your grass

Each grass has a different appearance with a variety of colours, pile thicknesses and densities available. We offer 9 different grasses, which you can view on our website, all with unique features to perfectly match the look and feel you’re after!

Trulawn offers a free sample of each of our grasses so you can see for yourself the subtle differences and decide which one will look the best in your garden. Choosing a grass is as much about feel as it is the appearance, so we recommend using both your hands and feet to truly get to grips with it! Simply fill out our free sample request form to receive your products!

Whichever grass you choose, we know that you want it to look as natural as possible. We recommend laying your grass so that you are looking into the pile. This gives the most realistic distribution of light and shadow to give it a dense, complex colouring.

Make sure you’ve got the right surface

Uneven Base

Artificial grass is better on a flat surface because it simply looks more natural! If there are random undulations all over the lawn then the edges of the grass may not sit correctly, creating gaps and separated seams.

Remove Obstacles

Objects including stones and tree stumps won’t only make the installation process more difficult, but it can cause unattractive lumps and bumps in your new grass. During our installation process, we use a whacker-plate compactor to ensure the surface is flat and even. If you are unable to get hold of a compactor, you can use a sod roller as an alternative.

Don’t over flatten

A flat, even surface is perfect for your artificial grass, however, compacting your area too much can cause your grass to look un-natural once installed. We recommend keeping some of the natural camber in your lawn to allow for an even drainage distribution.

Have you got the right layers?

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Weed membrane

Many homeowners choose artificial grass for its low maintenance benefits, one of which is the huge reduction in weed maintenance! Our weed membrane layers eliminate weeds growing underneath the lawn and are the perfect layer to add into your project, which you can find in our installation accessories!


Laying your grass onto the correct materials is essential. Layers of limestone and grano dust ensures the water can efficiently sink through the surface and drain deep into the ground below, providing essential water for surrounding beds, plants and trees.

If artificial grass is not installed properly with the correct preparation and drainage base it will soon deteriorate, build puddles and become costly to resolve if left unmanaged.

Extra Bases

A DIY artificial grass installation isn’t limited to domestic uses as Trulawn is popular for schools, businesses and indoor events. Trulawn provides extra bases including a shock pad layer for play equipment surroundings to reduce impact from children landing upon the grass.

Secure the grass

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The first thing a visitor will notice about your garden is your lawn, so it’s important that it looks tip-top. For the perfect lawn, the grass edges and joining points shouldn’t be overtly noticeable. Using reliable products like our Jointing Tape and adhesives will ensure a secure grass installation and prevent loose grass edges so your lawn is always a dream to walk on and look at.

At Trulawn Artificial Grass, we want each and every homeowner to be able to enjoy their home and garden. Whether you choose to complete a DIY artificial grass installation or request an installation team, we provide you the perfect lawn as our top priority with no mowing, no mess and no mud benefits.
For more information on how the Trulawn team completes their installations, take a look at our installation process for detailed measurements.