As one of the growing garden design trend for 2019, garden staycation features within the garden is becoming more and more popular. You don’t have to even leave your home to experience that holiday feeling. Whether it’s work or family commitments, budget or your physicality, you can still enjoy the summer in your own back garden with the favourite staycation inspiration.

Fake lawns perfect all year round

Small Gardens

Believe it or not, you can still make the most out of your small garden and enjoy this space with these features through the year.


Hammocks can make a wonderful addition to your garden, and modern day means you don’t need trees to anchor them. The gentle rocking motion can provide stress reducing benefits and portable hammocks can easily be placed wherever in the garden.
If you’re choosing a hammock with poles, make sure you move them every so often to reduce imprints in your artificial grass.


A garden swing can become a loved feature by the whole family. Whether it’s the youngest members of the family seeking the thrill of swinging high, or an older member using it as a relaxing seat.

The style of swing is crucial for bringing your gardens character together. There is the option of buying a swing set and placing it onto the grass. However, smaller gardens have limited space, so rope swings attached to strong tree branches or within trellis arches is the perfect option. Rope swings keeps the rustic, natural appearance of the garden without letting swing sets leave imprints onto the grass.

Zen Inspired

It doesn’t matter how small your garden space is, or even if you own a roof terrace as your outside space, Zen gardens are largely popular due to the low maintenance and visually appealing benefits. The relaxing aesthetic is perfect for helping you unwind whilst you’re at home, taking you on your own Japanese inspired holiday in your own back garden.

The majority of zen inspired gardens is lay-only gravel, especially for roof terraces. Our Artificial Grass creates the perfect, soft underfoot to surround your zen inspired pond to help you relax.

Fake grass for your balcony or terrace

Small Al Fresco Dining Area

An al fresco dining area is the perfect, intimate setting to enjoying the warming weather. Although outside seating may not be cheap, it is worth investing more into a dining set that will last year after year. Plus, the practicality of dining and entertaining needs to be taken into account when shopping for outdoor furniture. Smaller spaces such as terraces need to make sure there is enough room to move besides them. Surround the area with hanging night lights or lanterns and enjoy the summer nights, al fresco style.

Raised walls

If you’re tight for space but want to enjoy gorgeous flowers, a raised flowerbed can double up for providing your favourite flowers and as extra seating space for visitors to perch. Add some cushions for comfort, in colours to match your plants.

Artificial grass perfect for raised garden walls

Medium and Large Gardens

Medium and larger gardens can easily fit in a lot more garden staycation features, whether they are central in the garden or hidden at the back of your garden. Either way, you can still enjoy your garden.

Swing seats

A swing set is suitable for both small and large gardens, but a larger garden has more space to allow larger sets. A wooden swinging bench at the back of the garden is one of our favourite features as you can have the option of a rose arch surrounding it with climbing flowers, creating a peaceful place to enjoy your garden. Plus, there won’t be patchy grass underneath the swing like with a natural lawn.

Cabanas and Pergolas

In the back of your garden, or right outside your back door, enjoy a covered seating area and pretend you’re in Portugal with a Pergola or Cabana. Adding flowers around your pergola can let you enjoy the wildlife whilst you sit outside in the sun.

Raised sections

Splitting your garden into 2 sections is a common feature in a lot of gardens. Whichever way the homeowner fancies, the bottom part of the garden is usually patioed and holds the seating area, and the second section of the garden is higher up and grassy, suitable for playing. Raised sections simply help break up the garden and separates the playing area and the dining area. Beneficial for families with children so there is no risk of running into furniture.

Artificial grass surrounds for swimming pools and hottubs

Hot tubs or swimming pools.

Swimming pools and hot tubs can instantly let any homeowner enjoy the summer sun by cooling off into the water. Our Artificial grass is the perfect option for a safe, non-slip surrounding, along with preventing mud from entering the water.

Take a look at some of our recent artificial grass swimming pool surrounds.


Patio firepits can be used to provide light, warmth and as a cooking station to cater to your guests when the summer nights turn colder. We recommend keeping firepits and heated lamps on patio as the excessive heat can melt the grass fibres.

We love helping families enjoy their garden without the stress of upkeep. Whatever your garden size, our Trulawn Artificial Grass can help transform your outside area to help you get the most of it during all weather, and with summer just around the corner, you don’t need to leave your home with these Staycation features!