We all joke about the wet weather in Britain. In fact the idea that its constantly raining is probably one of our biggest exports around the world! But whilst we can all cope with a bit of drizzle, consistent downpours can leave a garden in a terrible state. Thankfully, artificial grass can be a great solution to a rain damaged lawn.

How can artificial grass help?

Drainage base

We install all our lawns with a sub-base to ensure that water doesn’t sit on the surface but instead drains deep into the ground below. In normal rain levels this drains away quickly and effectively and can appear quite miraculous if you’re used to a soggy lawn! In extreme weather this might take a little longer, but your grass is guaranteed not to become muddy, thin or die as a result.

We’ve been perfecting our method over more than a decade, continually improving the process with high quality materials. We don’t excavate more than you need and create your lawn to last as long as possible.

Thick and luscious grass

Grass isn’t much of a fan of being overwatered. Like most plants it will become sickly, thin or die with too much water. Trulawn grass never has that problem. It’s densely woven to imitate the look and feel of healthy grass, which means its thick and springy underfoot.

That means you don’t have to worry about having to re-seed your grass come spring, or try to attempt re-turfing.

Mud free

If you want to keep using your lawn throughout wet weather periods there’s a danger of your grass becoming a mud pit. If you’ve got small children or elderly relatives this can pose a risk to those with unsteady legs. And with pets running in and out of the house there’s a high chance of muddy paw prints too!

Trulawn eliminates the stress of a muddy lawn and leaves you with an evergreen dream all year round.

Having a garden has become even more valuable during times when we may have to go into lockdown at a moment’s notice. You never know when you might only be able to see friends and family outside again. In which case it’s even more important to make sure your lawn is fit for use for social distancing.

We keep installing throughout the whole of the year so you can come to us at any time to fix your lawn problems. Get in touch today for a free quote and save you rain damaged lawn!