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At Trulawn, we pride ourselves on creating mess-free artificial grass that everyone can enjoy, from energetic dogs to curious cats.

Artificial grass for dogs

Fake grass for pets: 6 common questions!

If you’re thinking about getting fake grass for pets or more specifically your dog, but you’re not sure if it’s right for you, don’t worry…

Trulawn Zeolite installation process

What is Trulawn Zeolite?

Trulawn Zeolite is the latest technological advancement in artificial lawn installation, and is designed for pet owners looking to eliminate and prevent an artificial grass…

Home & Garden Transformation

Get that fresh mown lawn Feel, everyday of the year.

Little dog smiling

A Garden Your Pets Will Love

February is the time for loving, and whilst we all know Valentines is where Cupid gets to work, National Love Your Pet day comes soon…

fake grass for dogs

How to choose the right grass for your dog

All of our grasses are safe for pets so it’s really down to personal preference which will be the most suitable fake grass for dogs…

Dog on lawn with glasses

5 Great Reasons to get Artificial Grass if you have Pets

We’re often asked if our artificial grass is suitable for pets, and the great news is it’s perfect for them! In fact many of our…

Dog playing with ball in garden

How to protect your plants from your pets and vice versa

It can be tricky to find a balance between a garden that you love, and a garden that is suitable for pets. But don’t worry!…

Dog in garden

Common questions about artificial grass and pets

April is national pet month so we thought we’d give you some of the most common questions we get about fake grass from pet owners……

dog safe artificial grass garden

5 Things To Know About Fake Grass For Pets

Artificial grass is very common for pet owners, as it is a surface that can make both animals and humans happy. You may have heard…

Dogs can't tell the difference in grass

Is Your Lawn Suffering Under Active Animals?

We’re a nation of animal lovers in the UK but sometimes no amount of love can make up for the state your lawn can become…

Jack Russel laying on grass

Harvey the dog tells it straight

Harvey shares his views on family life and artificial grass for dogs. Tell us a bit about yourself Harvey… I’m a short legged (and very…