All of our grasses are safe for pets so it’s really down to personal preference which will be the most suitable fake grass for dogs and yourself. We have a comprehensive range, exclusive to Trulawn, designed to offer something for everyone, including pet owners.

Does your dog make a lot of mess when they go to the toilet?

If your dog is regularly using the lawn to make a mess, and you’re not a big fan of picking it up, we recommend a shorter pile grass. We recommend nothing longer than 37mm as it can get a bit messy try to clean up anything longer. Our Trulawn Harmony grass is a neat 30mm height, so no long strands to wipe and wash clean. One of the great things about artificial grass is that it won’t discolour either.

Do you have a large, heavy animal?

Some dogs can weigh up to 250lbs, and if you’ve got one that loves to lounge around that means your grass may become a little flattened. Our Trulawn Luxury has great bounce back ability in the blades to help them return to a vertical position after compaction, a stiff brush up will always help this too.

Do you have more than one dog?

The more the merrier right? Not when it comes to picking up dog mess! Again, a shorter pile grass is much easier to clean. You might also like to consider Trulawn Harmony, which has a backing designed to allow better passage of liquids. So if you have lots of dogs doing a number one, this could make a big difference to you.

Is your dog a bit of a pampered pooch?

If you like to spoil your pet, then one of our longer grasses might be to their liking! Our Trulawn Supreme and Trulawn Prestige are both extremely soft grasses with lusciously long blades. We usually recommend these for families with small children as they are non-abrasive on the skin and lovely to roll around on, making it the perfect fake grass for dogs who love a soft surface.

Do you have an active dog?

Lots of pet owners come to us asking if our grasses will withstand digging or clawing. Whilst artificial grass can’t prevent or change the behaviour of a particular animal, all of our products are highly durable with a strong backing. This makes the lawn very difficult to dig or claw up.

For animals who enjoy this type of behaviour we do recommend having an area of natural earth or a sandbox for them to play in to allow for this habit. Our Trulawn Luxury grass is made from a combination of plastics which are known for their durability, so this could be ideal for your active pet.

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By requesting a Free Sample Pack you will be able to see our full range and feel for yourself which will be the best for you and your pets. All of our grasses have 10 year guarantees, and will not stain or discolour due to pet mess, so the choice is yours!

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