Who doesn’t love a Halloween party? It’s the perfect excuse to get out the dressing up box, put in your vampire teeth or cut eye holes in a white sheet!

Turning your garden into a gory graveyard or haunted house is the perfect way to enjoy some messy Halloween games, and avoid getting fake blood on your sofa! Here are some of our favourite ideas for throwing a spooktacular outdoor Halloween party.

Loo Roll Mummies

Games can keep the kids entertained, and put the adults to shame too! Work in teams to see how fast you can turn guests into a mummy. Have some basic white loo roll ready and wrap, wrap, wrap as fast as you can.

Halloween Supplies

Bob for (Apple) Heads

Carve faces into apples and add them to a ‘cauldron’ full of water in the middle of the lawn, tie players hands behind their backs and then let them bob for heads! This will be the number one game if there are any zombies in the crowd. Don’t worry about spilling the water if you’ve got a fake lawn, as the water should drain through no problem.

Halloween Apples


No Halloween party is complete without a jack-o-lantern! Though some people make an art of carving intricate designs, the traditional scary eyes and mouth is unbeatable. If you’re putting a naked flame inside be careful not to put it too close to a fake lawn, alternatively you can buy clever LED candles to put inside – nice and safe for kids too.

Pumpkin Carving

What’s in the Box?

Blindfold your guests and make them stick their hands into worms, brains and eyeballs, or so they think. Cold spaghetti, peeled grapes or lychees and rice pudding all feel disgusting to stick your hands into, see if they can guess what the gruesome gunk is without looking.

Halloween Decorations

Spookify the Place

Put some cobwebs up, hang bats from the trees, paint cardboard tombstones, maybe put a skull and arm bones crawling out of the flowerbed? There are lots of little things you can do to give the place a seriously spooky vibe, and most supplies can easily be found in supermarkets, pound shops or costume shops.

Halloween Decoration


Pinatas are great for any occasion, even Halloween! There are usually ready-made ones available in the supermarkets, but you could always make one yourself with the kids. The traditional method involves putting papier mache around a balloon, perfect for a witches head, bat’s body or Frankenstein face!

Halloween Pinata

Scary Edibles

If you’re handy in the kitchen, cakes and biscuits make the perfect party food. Gingerbread men can double as skeletons and you can do all sorts of spooky designs on cupcakes. If you’ve got a punch bowl it’s a fun idea to add some ice cubes with plastic spiders or other creepy crawlies frozen inside.

Halloween Cookies

Costume Competition

Ask your guests to get creative with their costumes, they don’t need to be scary, although that’s always a bonus! Give the best dressed a prize – perhaps some ‘spooky’ sweets for the kids and a bottle of ‘blood’ (red wine) for the adults.

Halloween Costume

Do you know any good party games? Got a Halloween Trick that guarantees your guests a scare or a Treat that keeps them coming back year after year? Let us know on our Facebook page – we’d love to hear them!

And if you need more ideas about having an outdoor party make sure you read more of our top tips for the party season!