Growing your own produce is all the rage nowadays. You may have toyed with the idea of growing your own but have probably been put off by the thought of maintenance or investing time into it for the produce to ultimately fail. However, there are some ways to build an Artificial Grass Allotment!

Surprisingly, there are some fruit and vegetables that are simple to harvest in your own garden, whether it’s in a pot in your house, or a raised bed in your garden. And even if you own Artificial Grass, it doesn’t mean you aren’t able to join in with growing your own produce.

How can you benefit?

Some produce involves little maintenance, and the end results will benefit your wallet and your food lifestyle. There would be no need for you to buy these products when you go shopping, saving you money, and you will be an extra person reducing the plastic waste from the food wrapping!
Growing your own Artificial Grass Allotment lets you decide what kinds of fertilisers and pesticides encounter your food along with knowing the freshness of the food you grow, so you’re less likely to throw away wasted food!

Our fun infographic outlines some basic information of what you need to know before you start planting. Have a read, save the image and get started on your home-grown tasty treats!

Artificial Grass Allotment

Grow your own fruit and vegetables with Trulawn’s top tips!

If fruit and vegetables isn’t really your thing, but you still want to give growing a go, why not read our benefits of starting a herb garden instead!