Summer is known for being the festival season, as some of the largest festivals such as Camp Bestival, Goodwood and Glastonbury are enjoyed make their debut. The fun atmosphere is enjoyed by all ages, but sometimes it’s hard to attend whether it’s the price, travelling there or personal reasons. So instead, hosting an awesome Artificial garden mini festival for all the friends and family can be a great alternative, and if you have an artificial grass lawn, you won’t need to worry about muddy wellies going into your house!


If you want your back-garden festival to be a success, don’t skimp on the decor. Nothing transforms an outdoor space like some carefully placed props and decorations. Colourful buntings, garlands, balloons and hanging decorations can quickly turn a garden into a funky festival!

If you are wanting people to stay over and your garden is large enough, they can stay in tents in your own garden, or sleep directly on the grass if the weather is on your side. Be careful if you have artificial grass however, as the pegs from tents will puncture the grass surface and damage it.


For lighting, never underestimate the power of fairylights and tea lights in jam jars. We suggest layering the lighting and hanging the fairylights from your trees, fences and your garden shed. If you have a special set up for your music and speakers, hang the lights off those aswell to cover more space, giving your artificial garden mini festival the perfect atmosphere.


Pleasing your visitors is the key to a festival since there is usually a range of bands and artists performing to suit everyone’s tastes. Create a shared Spotify playlist and let your guests add their choice of songs. It’ll be a mix of music, but that’s the point at a festival as they have something for every genre!

Get yourself a decent pair of portable speakers (or borrow a willing family or friends’) and make sure you’ve got a charged portable charger if you’re running the music off your phone to allow your music to be good quality and play for a while, just like at Glastonbury!

Dress for the Fest

Festival outfits can be colourful, funny and exciting. Many festival goers will wear outfits that they wouldn’t wear day to day and it’s a great way to even look silly. You can even get your visitors to follow a clothing theme to match your decor, such as Glitter, Neon, Floral or Animal Prints, or to come as they like, whether it is their day to day clothing or as extravagant as they like.

Food and Drink

We suggest something simple for food for your garden mini festival, since you’ll want to be spending your time dancing away rather than cooking. Burger and hot dog vans are the first thing to mind when you think of festivals, and since they’re outside, you can enjoy the music as well. Make sure you can place your BBQ on paving if you own an artificial lawn as the heat can melt the grass.

For the drinks, a bar would be awesome, but you don’t even need to build one! You can place a load of ice into a wheelbarrow or large bucket and put all your drinks in there for easy access. When the ice melts, you won’t need to worry about where you empty the water as our quick draining artificial grass will allow the grass to dry in no time, to let you carry on with your festival.

If you want to share your summer with your family and friends, but don’t want to host a festival in your garden, take a look at our tips on hosting a BBQ with your Artificial Grass lawn, which provides a helping hand on barbeque positioning and how to clean your artificial grass!