When the sun starts shining it’s time to go outside again! But with a long autumn and winter your garden can be looking a bit scruffy. If that’s the case we’ve got some really simple ways to give it a spruce up.

power washer resize

Power washing

Power washing can make a big difference to the appearance of a patio or decking by removing unwanted mulch and returning stone to its rightful colour. If you have a power-washer handy then great, otherwise they can quite easily be hired.

Just remember that some patios are dressed with sand which may need to be replaced post-wash. Check out some of our other articles on artificial grass and patios or have a read of artificial grass and decking for more guidance.


fence paint

Paint the fence

It can seem like a bit of a boring job but you don’t have to paint your fence in standard brown! Although a nice fresh coat in whatever colour will do wonders, there are plenty of colours other than brown now available.

In recent years jewel tones have been very popular but there are dark and light shades on offer. Just remember to choose something that will go well with the plants in your garden come summer time and all year round.


dried leaves

Sweep away any leftover leaves

Got a few strays left over from the autumn-winter period? Sweeping them up will give your garden an instant makeover. We always recommend giving your Trulawn a bit of a sweep to make sure debris doesn’t affect the drainage of your lawn.

If your garden is large, and you’re not very mobile, tackle the collection in sections. You don’t have to do it all at once.


window wash resize

Clean your windows

How might your garden look a little better? Maybe start with making sure you can see it properly from the inside. Washing windows can be a long and tricky job so it may be better to hire someone, particularly if you have upper levels to your home.

Try and choose a cloudy day if you’re washing them yourself as a hot sunny day can dry the cleaning solution too quickly, leaving a film on the surface.


leafy gutter resize

Clear your gutters

Another job that you may find difficult to do yourself, but it is quite an important one. Cluttered gutters can cause water to over-spill and stain wood or stone below. The less you have to power wash your patio the better!


garden tools resize

Check your tools and replace

Tidy tools, tidy garden. It’s quite a useful phrase to remember and hopefully quite obvious! The better condition your tools are, the better the work you can do to your garden. Check them over again and replace any that are past their prime in time for the spring/summer season.


relaxing in garden resize

Make future plans!

When you’ve given your garden a bit of a spruce, take the time to relax and maybe think about how you want your garden to look for the summer!


Remember you don’t have to do all of these, even just a few can make a big difference to how your garden looks. If you’re considering artificial grass as a way to spruce up your garden for spring, then just give us a call on 0800 2100 461 or make an enquiry online!