It’s the first day of spring this week, and what better way to celebrate the new season then with some cleaning! Yes, we sure know how to have fun here at Trulawn. But seriously, now is a great opportunity to get your home and garden back in shape for the spring/summer seasons.

Sort the grass out

It might be the first of many times cutting the grass this year, as the weather improves so does the rate at which the grass grows. If you’re dreading the thought of getting out a lawnmower, as well as carting the clippings to the landfill, you can always switch to artificial!

Clean your washing line

Warmer weather makes better conditions for drying clothes, so it’s a great opportunity to save on heating or electricity bills and hang your clothes up outside. Over the years grime can build up on washing lines as can cobwebs and some animal mess like bird or squirrel. If you want your clothes to remain as clean as when you first take them out of the washer, make sure you give your line a wipe down.

Do an exterior inspection

As the days get longer, you’ll probably be spending more time outside. It’s a good time to check your exteriors for any damages, checking on the state of your windows and door frames, your brickwork and gutters. If there are any changes needed its best to do them when the weather is good. It also means you don’t have an eyesore when you’re entertaining in the summer!

Sweep/clean your patio

Your patio will probably have some grimy build up after the long winter period so don’t forget to give it a clean. The better care you take of your patio the longer it will last you. Even a regular sweep can make a big difference, as it’s not a good idea to let leaves or plant debris build up.

Tidy up your flowerbeds

Between March and May is general seeding season, so if you want your flowerbeds looking good for summer then it’s time to start tidying up your flowerbeds and sowing your seeds. There are a couple of different techniques for seeding your beds. One is precision seeding, in which you carefully place seeds individually. The other is broadcast seeding in which you scatter seeds where you like. Both are a great way to inject some colour, smells and attract wildlife into your garden.

Try and do a few of these and your garden will look amazing for spring. Of course if you want your grass to look amazing all year round then artificial might be for you! Take a look at the rest of the site for more information, and give us a call if you’d like to arrange a free site visit.