Many of our customers are pet owners who want to find a solution to the patchy, discoloured grass they get when their dogs use their lawn as a toilet. Fake grass is terrific option for pet owners who want a lawn that looks good, stays neat and can cope with their pet running around and using it everyday. If you want some advice on how to keep your artificial grass looking as tip-top as when it was first installed we’ve got some top tips for keeping it clean…

Scoop up any solids

If the length of your grass has put you off picking up pet mess in the past, then artificial grass can solve this problem. We have shorter grasses ideal for pet owners, and the great thing is, it stays the same length all year round. That makes picking up after your pet that much easier, and means you can use your garden just as much as your pet!

Wash with warm soapy water

To keep the area sanitary wash the areas that have had pet mess with warm soapy water. Stronger cleaning agents aren’t really necessary, so we don’t recommend them. Artificial grass is not affected by the soap, so it stays clean and green all year round. This is perfect for gardens with kids as well as pets as they can both play to their hearts content.

Make it rain

Liquids drain through artificial grass really easily and odours rarely remain with the help of a bit of rainfall. Sometimes during particularly dry weather odours can remain. Spray the area with water, and give it a wash with warm soapy water more regularly to help along the drainage process, the extra water will help dilute the urine and the smell.

Pay attention to habits

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your pet’s habits. If they like to relieve themselves in one particular place every time it might be worth giving it a more regular once over, especially if you have a large pet (with a large bladder!).

Give it an quick brush

We always recommend giving your grass a stiff brush every now and again to rejuvenate the pile regardless of if you have pets. Where you’ve been washing the area of pet mess you might want to give the surrounding area a quick brush to save yourself some time and keep it all looking even! Two birds, one stone!

If your natural grass has worn thin, is discoloured or is a nightmare to maintain then artificial grass may be the solution for you and your pets. Get in touch with us to get your free samples or arrange a free site survey and find out how your life could be transformed with fake grass.