Picnics are one of the most enjoyable ways that families and friends can get together, whilst enjoying the warm weather. And what makes it even better is enjoying your refreshing drinks and yummy snacks on your soft Artificial Grass!
To make sure you picnic is the best, we have some fun tips on how to enjoy your summer picnic on your Artificial Grass

Stay safe in the sun

Even if you’re only venturing outside to your garden, it’s always important to stay safe in the sun. Try and sit underneath a tree or use an umbrella to provide some shade. And if you’re inviting children over or having a picnic at school, make sure to request parents provide their children with hats and sun cream to avoid being burnt in the sun. For more information about staying safe in the summer sun, read our article here.

Think of the surroundings

Artificial grass is quick draining, dries quickly and creates no mud; so a blanket isn’t typically needed to enjoy laying around on your lawn. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still make a mess if you’re enjoying your snacks or playing games outside! Make sure an extra bag is brought out at the start of your picnic so you don’t have to keep going inside to dispose of rubbish and waste. That way there’s more time to enjoy your picnic!

Picnic with Trulawn Artificial Grass

Food and Drink

We recommend easily transportable foods that can be stored tight to ensure there isn’t extra space wasted. You won’t need to worry about spilling any sauces, food or drinks on your Artificial Grass as the fibres are perfect for easy cleaning and can be dried in no time.


Mason jars and Tupperware boxes are perfect for transporting sandwiches and nibbles (crisps, fruit and vegetable sticks), especially if they can be put in the dishwasher after!
Bring either multiple water bottles to stay hydrated, or a large water bottle with paper cups to reduce the amount of plastic wastage.
Recommend your guests bring a finger food item perfect for nibbling, that way there’s less for you to do and you won’t need to take out the silverware!


Ice Cream tubs or sticky food such as cakes or puddings as these will be very messy and attract insects and wasps.
If you’re having a barbecue as part of your picnic make sure to keep it out of reach of the artificial lawn, and be careful not to get too close with piping hot foods.


If there is an event coming up, you can plan your picnic around this event to keep them different and fun, for example;

  • 14th June – 15th July World Cup: If you’re feeding a large group, take a look at these healthy themed World Cup platters.
  • 2nd – 15th July Wimbledon: The classic is always good. Pimms (for parents), Summer Fruits / Blackurrent squash, cream tea and finger sandwiches.

Outdoor activities

Being outside gives you more opportunities and space to let imaginations explore. If you’re in your own garden then we have some fun activities for your friends and family to provide some fun, before and after your picnic!

Grandmother’s Footsteps

One person stands on one end of the garden with their back to the others who stand in a line. The group has to try and creep up behind the person and tap them on the shoulder before they turn around. If they turn around and points to someone moving, that person has to go back to the start.

Duck duck goose

A group sits in a circle with one person standing up outside of the circle. The one standing up goes around the circle tapping people on the head as ‘duck, duck..’ until they reach someone who is ‘goose!’ The goose has to catch the person before they sit back down in the place the goose has just vacated.

Simon Says

This one always catches people out! The nominated Simon tells you what to do, but has to say ‘Simon says’ before every instruction. If anyone follows the action without him saying ‘Simon says’ they’re out!

Paddling pools

A huge benefit is that artificial grass won’t get muddy with a bit of water, and it won’t discolour either. (We recommend releasing the water bit by bit and let it drain away gradually, rather than tip it all out at once.)

Think that artificial grass might be the perfect way for you to enjoy your garden more? Why not get in touch with us to request a free sample pack or to get a quote!