Growing your own is a great idea, but if you don’t have the space or time to manage a vegetable plot, how can you get in on the latest trend? Well we’ve got an easy, simple recommendation…Start a herb garden! Herb gardens can offer a lot and don’t take much effort. Just take a look at five of the reasons you should start one in your garden:

Top 5 Reasons:

Ideal for containers

Herb gardens grow really well inside pots or containers, which is ideal if you have an artificial grass lawn, decking or patio, or if you’re just a bit short on space.

Easy to care for

Herb gardens will mostly take care of themselves, and grow fairly easily. During cold weather they may struggle and prefer to be kept close to a wall or covered. Most herbs will be available to buy as small plants from a local garden centre if you don’t have the time to manage seedlings.

Great for well being

Historically herbs have been used for a great many medical ailments. Rosemary has been found to help with memory, whereas sage is an anti-inflammatory and thyme an anti-oxidant.

Adds a welcome scent

If you’re using your garden for entertaining, or just relaxing more outside on your brand new Trulawn, then herbs can add a lovely fresh scent to the air for everyone to enjoy.

Delicious and edible!

The fantastic thing about herb gardens is the fact that they’re edible! Whether you’re making a spring salad or need a nice rub for your barbecue meat, a home grown herb can add instant flavour to an otherwise boring meal. And it only means popping out to the garden, rather than the supermarket when you run out!

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Top Tips

  • Put your herbs in a sunny spot to grow
  • Keep the soil well drained
  • Annual and biennial herbs may need to be re-sown if you want a constant fresh supply as they are fast growing e.g Basil, parsley, dill, coriander and chervil
  • Keep them close to the kitchen for ease of use

Having a Trulawn means having more time to relax and enjoy the use of your garden, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still be green fingered. Starting a herb garden is a really great way to get the best of both worlds, with minimal time required.

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