We’ve listed some of the best Artificial Grass Garden Feature ideas you’ll find in any modern garden with some advice sprinkled in on how you might use artificial grass alongside it.

Take a read below if you’re thinking of giving your garden an overhaul or are starting from scratch with your patch of land.

Artificial Grass Garden ideas


We recommend keeping or adding some form of flower bed to a garden with artificial grass for a number of reasons:

  • Adds colour and scent
  • Adds authenticity
  • Offers habitats and food for insects and animals

What kind of flower bed?

Sleepers – Chunky sleepers make it easy to separate areas. Can be used for both contemporary and more traditional looking gardens. We regularly install alongside sleepers used for this purpose.

Brick – Rustic red brick can add a warm splash of colour, grey can add an air of sophistication. A raised bed using brick may be easier to maintain for those who struggle to bend, or who would like plants at sitting level if planning on using the area for sitting.

Edging – If you’d like a more natural border, curved edging can create a soft, romantic look. There are various types of decorative edging available on a roll if you’re on a tight budget.

Gravel/Bark – Gravel or bark can be used to fill in areas as well as create distinction. We often see gravel or loose materials surrounding trees, but it is often removed by choice of the owner when we come to install!

Top Tip: We can install curved edging as part of our installation so if you’d like to dedicate an area to a sweeping, curvy flower bed just let us know. 

Artificial Grass Garden ideas


If you’ve always struggled to maintain a pathway through a natural lawn this should be much easier with artificial grass! Some of the benefits of pathways include:

  • Creates a journey through the garden
  • A tidy way to travel
  • Adds to the character of the garden – it can be practical, whimsical, formal…
  • Remove to create more lawn space

What kind of path?

Stepping stones – This can be an unobtrusive way to create a pathway that will remain tidy surrounded by artificial grass.

Brick – A brick path can look great if you’re trying to create a cottage garden look and is a great opportunity to make use of old materials that might be lying around.

Wood – Wooden planks also make a nice change from the usual, and look great in shadier gardens with overhanging trees. They also make a nice transition from raised decking areas. We can also lay on top of decking if you’d like to make your whole garden green!

Gravel – Gravel is synonymous with formal gardens in country homes and manors. They can become messy if disturbed but this can usually be swept out of artificial grass.

Top Tip: Any hard landscaping should be completed before your grass is laid to avoid having to cut or roll back any grass or disturb the installation. 

Artificial Grass Garden ideas

Storage or Space

Are you making the best use of your garden space? Perhaps your garden could become even more vital to your daily life by becoming an extension of your home…

  • Garden rooms can help make your garden a part of your living space
  • Sheds can be much more than just an outdoor cupboard, but a feature in their own right.
  • Is it making the best use of your garden, do you still need it without a lawnmower?

What kind of structure?

Glass garden rooms – Create a modern look with a predominantly glass structure. Large glass windows and doors are great if you want to bring the outside in and vice versa.

Wooden garden rooms – There’s something a bit more quirky about these structures. Ideal for creating focus spaces or studios. The natural look can fit in discreetly with surrounding plants or be a standalone feature.

Luxury shed – You could even just give your existing shed a lick of paint if you still need a place to store garden items.

Top Tip: Some reflective surfaces can cause excessive heating when reflecting light on other surfaces. Keep in mind the direction of the sun and the potential for reflection when choosing surroundings for a glass garden room. 

Artificial Grass Garden ideas


There are a couple of different ways to incorporate furniture and living space into an amazing artificial grass garden idea. How do you want to use your garden?

  • Entertaining
  • Relaxing
  • For kids to run around

What kind of furniture?

A modern, minimal or small garden might not have a lot of space for extra furniture so benches are incorporated into bedding areas.

Table and chairs – Metal /Rattan /Wicker are all easily available. If you’re creating a relaxing, romantic setting then a swing chair can fulfil the perfect viewing spot. Artificial grass is great for these kind of features as you won’t get a bald patch where your feet have been.

Eating – Do you want to include a barbecue or outdoor oven? This should ideally be kept on a patio area to avoid heat transference to other areas of the garden, particularly artificial grass.

Trampoline – A firm favourite with the kids and these days it’s not uncommon to find them sunk in the ground too if you’d like it to look a bit more discreet.

Top Tip: Furniture or any heavy item resting on top of artificial grass will flatten the blades. This can be remedied by moving the furniture on occasion and using a stiff brush to brush up the pile. Though we don’t recommend leaving really heavy items like vehicles as it may also impact the base below.

We hope you found these Artificial Grass Garden Feature ideas useful when considering how artificial grass might fit into your garden. It’s a versatile surface that can be applied to all sorts of features. You’d be amazed at what our teams can achieve!

If you’d like to a find out more about an installation for your garden, simply Get a Quote