It’s back to school season but things are looking very different to previous years. The impact of the coronavirus on  children has been unprecedented, and there’s no telling for how long it will continue, especially with the introduction of social distancing for schools.

Schools are looking at ways they can maintain social distancing in classrooms, with every inch of space now under the microscope for suitability.

Artificial grass has become an increasingly useful surfacing, with many schools enjoying the many benefits that our grass has to offer – even before COVID-19.

One-way systems

If you’ve introduced a one-way system which includes walking on grass then this could quickly wear thin under a prolonged tread pattern. Artificial grass is extremely durable and made to cope with high footfall. Rather than wear all the way through to mud, it stays green and requires simple brushing if it flattens over a long period.

If you’re not looking to upgrade the whole grass area, we offer the Daily Mile Track which is low maintenance, budget friendly and perfect for preventing any muddy tracks.

Increased outdoor activity

For certain schools it’s simply not possible to teach socially distanced lessons in the size of their classrooms. Following Denmark’s footsteps; Outdoor learning allows students and teachers to remain a safe distance with the classes keeping the students engaged and happy as lessons will be centred around ‘learning by doing’ to help nurture pupils’ curiosity.

Artificial grass is essential to ensure that school grounds stay usable throughout the year for these outdoor lessons, without the risk of muddy fields or future wear and tear.

Utilising all space available

Do you have a concrete area, roof or unusual space you could be using for outdoor lessons?

We don’t just offer grass transformations – we’re able to safely install on almost all surfaces. With our shock-pad, foam underlays and rubber edging options we can make it feel like a natural grass area.

Supporting physical and mental well-being

For some pupils school may be the only opportunity to engage in any physical activity during the week. It’s important to provide sports and games areas that challenge pupils so that they can develop their skills.

We provide a range of sport surfacing that can help ensure each pupil has the opportunity to improve their physical and mental well-being.

Deep cleaning

Regular cleaning is even more important to keep school environments a safe space. Artificial grass has the added benefit of being washable. If you’re embarking on a deep clean it is possible to clean your artificial grass along with other surfaces. Our draining sub-base makes sure all that water travels deep down into the ground too.

It’s vital to adapt to the current challenges to ensure you provide the best for your pupils. Artificial grass is a surfacing which provides benefits that will last throughout and beyond the pandemic. Schools face a huge task in preparing pupils for the future. A Trulawn installation helps you prevent your outdoor spaces being a barrier to success.

Its obvious that social distancing for schools will be tricky for both teachers and children, but a fake grass field can help maintain these social distancing guidelines at school.

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