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Are you considering an fresh, soft artificial play area for the children? Our fake grass for Schools blogs are the perfect inspiration you need as you can see the fake grass benefits in detail. From case studies with shock pad installations, to explaining how our synthetic grass increases playground safety. No more muddy classrooms or hard concrete as we guarantee the children will love a soft Trulawn transformation.
Social distancing for schools

Back to school and social distancing

It’s back to school season but things are looking very different to previous years. The impact of the coronavirus on  children has been unprecedented, and…

Children kicking footballs

How your school will benefit from Artificial Grass

Schools, nurseries and playgroups come to us to solve a number of different problems with their school grounds. Often their existing surface is natural grass…

Home & Garden Transformation

Get that fresh mown lawn Feel, everyday of the year.

School playareas with artificial grass

Providing a Safe School Environment with Trulawn Artificial Grass

Kids running across uneven surfaces or playing in muddy areas can be an accident waiting to happen. But rather than cordon off areas and prevent…

pre-school artificial grass installation

How does artificial grass meet requirements for education environments?

Artificial grass is becoming a more popular surfacing choice for build and landscaping projects in the education sector due to its combined appeal of function,…

School playareas with artificial grass

Modernise Your School With Artificial Grass

Trulawn is the leading supplier of artificial grass to schools and nurseries in the UK. Whether you want to improve your entrance or update your…

Blue Grass

How your nursery can benefit from artificial grass

How your nursery can benefit from artificial grass Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular in nurseries, day care centres and schools. Outdoor spaces are important…

Mole hills

School Tackles Mole Infestation using Artificial Grass

Horningsham School in Wiltshire had been unable to use the grassed areas in their playground after a family of moles decided to take up residence.…