Kids running across uneven surfaces or playing in muddy areas can be an accident waiting to happen. But rather than cordon off areas and prevent pupils from playing outdoors, there is an alternative; an artificial grass school surface!


Trulawn can completely transform unsightly and unusable areas so that your pupils make the most of the time they have outdoors.

  • Areas will have even coverage all year round.
  • No infill maintenance and no wood chips flying everywhere!
  • No need to cut grass around tricky play equipment.
  • A soft surface to play on.
  • Realistic appearance that’s more attractive than concrete or wet-pour.
  • Optional layer of shock pad for to reduce impact of children falling over.


Perfect for Play Equipment Areas

Shock Pad Plus 25mm is ideal for school environments where play equipment is being used because it’s easy to install, thanks to the simple interlocking pieces, and offers an extra layer of cushioning for areas where high impact activities might be taking place.

Shock Pad can also be a great addition when a full ground excavation is not required and we are laying on top of an existing hard surface. This can range from playgrounds, terraces and roof areas to create the perfect padding.

At a glance:

  • Safety – Shock pad underlay reduces the risk of critical injury.
  • Softness – Offers a bit of bounce to hard surfaces including concrete.
  • Standards – Meets a critical fall height standard of 1.3m per single layer.


Ideal For Creating Safe Transitions

If you want to create a safe transition between surfaces then our Rubber Edging is also great choice.

This is usually chosen by schools who are installing grass on top of a hard existing surfaces like concrete. Rather than have a hard transition between the flat concrete and dense pile of the grass the edging offers a gradual incline that bridges the two. Not only does it provide a smoother transition, it prevents the denser grass from becoming a trip hazard.


Artificial Grass School Surfaces

We’ve installed in hundreds of schools across the country. Our teams have over a decade’s worth of experience with a variety of projects under our belts. We work closely with you to understand your needs and the reasons why you require an installation, so that we can offer the very best solutions.

Take a look at some of the projects we have done over the years which feature play equipment or trim trail areas:


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