We love the look of an artificial curved lawn edging  alongside sweeping flower beds and borders. Plants and shrubs enhance the authenticity of your grass and introduce additional colours and scents into your garden.

A great way to give your borders a soft finish is to create a curved edge that dips in and out of the lawn. This creates extra depth in your flowerbeds, as well as adding visual interest when considering the view from a distance.

This striking garden look can be achieved with an artificial lawn as well as natural one by using metal edging.

Types of Lawn Edging

Timber edging

We use tanalised timber edging as standard, as it is the best fit for the majority of gardens. Timber edging will give you a straight edge, so it is ideal for creating modern, angled shapes.

Metal edging

Metal edging, unlike timber, can be manipulated into the desired shape making it perfect for creating sleek curves. Our metal edging is made from aluminium so it won’t rust, and is installed with stakes to keep it in place.

Cement haunching

Cement haunching helps to achieve a close finish up against patios and brickwork. The object is to try and limit the gap between the grass and the existing surface, but this can be tricky if you are using timber and the brick work is uneven. Cement makes it possible to attach the grass right up to the edge of the brickwork, giving a very neat finish.

Rubber edging

Rubber edging is used most often for safety reasons as it provides a small incline between two surfaces of different heights, reducing the chance of tripping. A common place to use this would be if you are installing on top of an existing hard flat surface.

Styling your garden

We’ve installed some wonderful curved lawns, it’s a great look that can enhance a range of garden styles.

If you prefer full and flowering borders in a country cottage or traditional style then using curves can help create a soft, romantic look. However, curved edging is also a perfect for contemporary styles where precision and clean lines are desired.

Take a look at some examples of our curved lawn edging below:



If you’re thinking about artificial grass then perhaps you should also consider using a Curved lawn edging. Your site survey is the perfect time to talk it over with your surveyor, as he will have a good visual idea of how your garden looks.

We also supply our Aluminum Edging for DIY and Trade, so if you’re installing yourself, you can still have a lovely curved lawn! You can purchase the edging separately, or in addition to your grass.

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