There are eight main trends you should be looking out for this year, according to the Garden Trends Report 2017.

The key theme that runs through the majority of these styles, is the idea of health and well-being, both for people, and for plants. As we struggle to deal with the anxieties of modern life, so too do plants struggle to deal with unexpected climate change.

Have a read through the list of Top Garden Trends, and see if any take your fancy, or if you’re already using them!

Bamboo Garden

1. Mental Wellness

Using air purifying and calming plants can help to create relaxed environments. Numerous studies have shown that people are healthier and less stressed when they are in close proximity to a plant: increasing general well-being and happiness.

Bamboo palms, rubber plants and ferns are particularly effective at removing chemical contaminants from the air.

2. Climate Control

Expect the unexpected, as the weather is notoriously unpredictable. What has come before is no guarantee of what will come tomorrow, so plant with resilience and hardiness in mind. Lavender, Sedums and Hostas are all incredibly versatile perennials.

Glasshouses will become increasingly prominent as they are more easily climate controlled, and can offer protection from the elements when the weather does turn.

3. A Social Network

All plants are part of a community, and do not exist independently, so it’s best to think of them as part of a wider network.

Perennials and self-seeding plants help create and develop this social environment, and are very useful for those who require a low maintenance garden. If you favour a relatively laid-back approach to gardening, self-seeders are ideal, common examples include foxglove, verbena and forget-me-not.

4. Imperfect gardening

‘Wabi-Sabi’ is the art of appreciating beauty in the ‘naturally imperfect world’ – simply put, not everything has to be pristine to look good! This style can incorporate asymmetry, incompleteness, impermanence, and simplicity.

Suggestions include; incorporating man-made objects into your garden design, such as iron ornaments which will rust and change over time, or using stone water features which will encourage moss to grow.


5. Breathing Room

It’s not just outside where plants can help our sense of well-being. Plants are increasingly being brought inside to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere. With the growing popularity of houseplants and accessories, why not make a statement with a stunning hanging garden, or modern terrarium.

Clean air is key for a clear mind, so air purifying plants will again prove popular. Succulents and miniature alpines will work especially well in these small containers.

6. Make a Splash

Show gardens across the globe had water features as a main component in 2017. The sound of flowing water creates a serene atmosphere, again contributing to the key theme of relaxation and wellness.

Ready-made water features are readily available. Whether you want a sleek modern centrepiece or something rather more rustic, there’s bound to be something that suits your garden space.

7. Grow your own Protein

Health conscious individuals often look towards plant based proteins instead of meat, and the great news is there are some simple options you can grow at home. Peas and edamame are good ones to try. Quinoa is also relatively simple to grow, although harvesting the grain can be a little fiddly.

Don’t forget you could also collect the seeds from your sunflowers after they have bloomed!


8. Purple Reign

Purple fruits and vegetables are the latest craze, as they become known for their incredible health benefits. In fact, science backs up the claim that purple foods are good for us. They’re full of potent antioxidants which help defend our bodies against disease.

If you want to grow your own, you can easily buy seeds for purple variants of tomatoes, carrots and even cauliflower, as well as more common purple foods such as aubergine, beetroot, blackcurrants and blackberries.

Do you think you’ll be following any of these trends next year? At Trulawn, we work all year round, so if you’d like to update your lawn get in touch today!