We’re pretty fond of the past in Great Britain, always thinking back to the ‘good old days’.  We love that classic feel here at Trulawn, as you might be able to tell from our website! And artificial grass is the solution to the urge in every British person’s heart for that classic green lawn! In the spirit of the past we thought we’d bring you some of vintage lawn games to play on your artificial lawn.


Apparently they played this one in Ancient Egypt, skittles do look an awful lot like canopic jars when you think about it. The best thing about this game is how easy it is to set up. If you don’t have an actual skittle set you can make your own out of old plastic bottles and a tennis ball.


This game was popular in the 1860s but is thought to have been introduced during the reign of King Charles II. It has been immortalised in culture by the Queen of Hearts, the dramatic ruler who threatened to cut off the head of the titular Alice in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Amateur croquet sets from toy stores are relatively inexpensive and easy to set up. (Though make sure you get a set that doesn’t require being pegged in for an artificial lawn, as you won’t want to punch holes through the surface!)


Bowls was once banned because people were playing it rather than learning archery, a vital skill to have in thirteenth century England.  Not so much now though, unless you want to take part in your own Hunger Games. This one is great to play on artificial grass because a flat surface is key to beating your opponents.


Like most lawn games this is a measure of skill and accuracy rather than strength. The game involves throwing rings to loop over an embedded pin. Most often these pins are arranged on a cross with five pins but some versions have two square areas opposite each other in which you try to get the centrally embedded pin alternately.

Coconut shy.

This is actually more of a carnival game but it’s still one you can play outside. Again this is a game of skill as you try to knock the coconuts off the poles. Giving the coconuts faces can be a good incentive to succeed (especially if it’s the face of your enemy!), as well as a way of getting the kids involved. Once upon a time coconuts were actually the prize for winning this game as they were once rare and exotic fruit!

Rather than buying another mug with ‘keep calm and carry on’ for the workplace, get some of that vintage spirit by having a go at some of the games above! They’re great fun for all of the family and the perfect light sport for a sunny afternoon. And if you really want to get in the mood for a traditional British summer time, make sure you have plenty of tea, lemonade and cucumber sandwiches ready for afternoon tea!