As we leave the budding flowers of spring and the wet April showers, the change in season to summer brings a wonderful feature – the sun! Warmer weather means outdoor activities can be enjoyed again without the chance of it being too cold or wet to play.

Enjoying the sunshine can be great, however there are some negatives if you’re not careful. For Sun Awareness Week, we have put together some simple, yet effective things you can do to ensure you and your family are enjoying the weather safely.

Soak up the sun cream

As soon as the sun shines, we know many of you reach for your sun cream which has been hiding away throughout the colder seasons. For those who are more reluctant to using sun creams, they block harmful sun rays which can cause serious damage to your skin in future years. Slathering on sun cream can still allow you to catch a tan, but make sure there is still a layer of protection, especially on children’s skin which needs a high factor due to their sensitive skin.

Make sure there is shade

UV rays are strongest from 10am to 4pm, so try to limit sun exposure during this time when possible by providing an area with shade. If you’re enjoying your garden, ensure that children, pets, or people with sensitive skin are inside around midday to protect them from the hottest part of the day. If you’re in public, such as a park, bring an umbrella or sit under a tree to provide cover.

Dressing the part

You don’t need to cover children completely as they can get too hot in all that clothing. Wear light coloured clothing to reflect the sunlight along with clothes that aren’t too tight, so children can breathe freely as they run around. If you have a pool or are visiting the beach, a swimming t-shirt or rash guard can help keep exposed shoulders protected.
Hats can be hit or miss with children as many don’t like to wear them. They act as second coverage for the eyes, face and head to reduce overheating, so putting hats on them at a young age can help them become comfortable with a hat on.


When you’re enjoying the weather, it can be easy to forget that water can be lost through sweating. The body takes longer to break down the water from sweet drinks, such as juice or fizzy pop, so make sure everyone is drinking plenty of water to reduce the risk of overheating and dehydration. If you’re out for the day, bring a large bottle of water or purchase one from a shop, along with a bowl for your beloved pooch as they will need plenty of water too!

Enjoy the weather!

Beautiful weather means more opportunities to get outside and play, and these suggestions are here to ensure you are staying safe in the sun! If you need some inspiration on the types of activities you can do in your garden, read our article on Outdoor Activities to make the most of your Trulawn.