Having a putting green in your back garden is a dream for a lot of people – and it’s more achievable than you might think. Artificial grass putting greens have grown in popularity as the quality of grasses available has improved, and the benefits have become obvious. See how they compare to a natural green and why you might enjoy one of your own…

What are the challenges of a natural putting green?

Creating your own putting green out of natural grass is enormously complicated, and some course managers would consider it an artform!

Grass seed

Your average back garden grass just won’t cut it when trying to replicate the look and feel of a golf course or putting green. The putting green, fringe, fairway, rough can use a variety of different grass seeds to create a challenging course. And preparing and seeding your own space has no guarantee of success either!

Grass length

A putting green grass will be around the 14mm mark, whilst the fringe will be around 35mm. Try accurately mowing a difference of 20mm without tearing your hair out!


A putting green relies on good drainage because a waterlogged green isn’t worth playing on. To ensure good drainage soil quality and aeration is important to keep on top of.

Why create your putting green with artificial grass?

A home artificial putting green can be created in a relatively short time span and enjoyed from the get-go. You can start practising, and keep practising all year round, whenever you want.

Ready for play 365 days a year!

You don’t have to worry about re-seeding it, mowing it, or keeping the soil aerated for drainage. An artificial grass putting green doesn’t have a complicated maintenance plan to keep it ready for play all year round.

Realistic look, feel and performance

We design our grasses to match the colour and feel of real grasses, including putting greens. Golf courses don’t all have the same colour of grass which is also why we have two different putting green options based on your personal preference, with a stimp speed of 10-12.

Our garden grasses such as Trulawn Luxury or Trulawn Prestige are also ideal for creating the fringe. This means you can practise chipping and give yourself a real challenge in the comfort of your own home.

Durable and long-lasting

An artificial putting green isn’t going to wear out after a year, it’s made from durable materials to make sure you get many years of enjoyment from it.

Bespoke to you

You choose the size, the shape, how many holes and where you’d like the undulations. We can help you create it of course, but it’s made for you.

Mental and physical benefits

If you work from home then having a breakout space can be great for your mental and physical health. The fact that you don’t have to travel far to start feeling the benefits is also a plus.

How do I create my own putting green?

First of all check out our artificial grass Putting Greens gallery where there are examples of previous installations for small and large areas.

Then get in touch with us to arrange a free quote. We’ll come round to survey the area and discuss your project with you. We’ve installed hundreds of putting greens so you’re in an experienced set of hands.

If you like the installation proposal we can go ahead to helping you build your green, or help you with a DIY option instead.

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