As we head into another year of gorgeous green artificial grass installations at Trulawn, we also love to keep ourselves updated on the latest garden design trends and inspirations. This year, we have put together some of the most popular and upcoming features that you may start to see in your neighbour’s garden, or even provide some inspiration for your own. These 2019 garden design trends are suitable for both natural and artificial grass owners to enjoy.

Grow your own

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Rising food prices, a need to cut down plastic packaging and the increase of organic produce consumption’s has encouraged many people to grow their own foods. If you think that GYO is limited to larger gardens or natural grass lawns, that’s definitely not the case! Many fruits and veg can be grown in pots which can be hung, or a small plot with multiple seeds planted can be created. If you have artificial grass, you can section off a plot for your fruit and veg by letting us know during your enquiry, and we will leave that section for you!

If you want some inspiration on growing your own fruit and vegetables in your garden, read our top tips of growing your own produce. If fruit and vegetables isn’t really your thing, but you still want to give growing a go, why not read our benefits of starting a herb garden instead!

Staycation spot

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Not everyone can enjoy the luxury, expenses or physicality of a holiday abroad, which is why many brits are creating secluded areas for seating and dining or splash out (literally) with a hot tub or swimming pool installation.

For small Gardens

You don’t need a large garden to create your perfect staycation, as there are many ideal furnishings to help you enjoy your garden throughout the year.

  • Hammocks.
  • Zen inspired ponds.
  • Small Al Fresco dining area.
  • Raised walls which double up as a flower border and seating areas (add brightly coloured pillows for comfort).

Medium and Large Gardens

Medium and larger gardens can easily fit in a lot more features, whether they are central in the garden or hidden at the back along a secret trail. Either way, you can enjoy your garden.

  • Wooden swing seats.
  • Raised levels to create two sections to a garden, one with grass and the other for seating.
  • Built in Hot tubs or swimming pools.

Whatever the size, you can enjoy your garden all year round regardless if you own natural or artificial grass.

The brighter, the better!

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2018 saw the rise of millennial pink plants, as the pastel colour looked gorgeous and subtle against their surroundings. In 2019, no one is holding back as bright, contrasting colours will be taking centre stage. PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral won this year’s colour of the year, so expect to see this gorgeous bright, yet mellow colour in various gardens and furnishings. Other colour predictions include Deep Turquoise, spicy red tones and Indigo, but Fuchsia’s are currently leading the way. These plants can be placed in surrounding flower beds, even if you own artificial grass. You won’t miss out on colourful borders, just make sure you request a gap edging around your grass.

Plants aren’t the only bright feature within gardens for 2019, as furniture, pergolas, fences and flowerbed borders will be covered in yellows, pinks, greens… Perfect for helping them stand out from our gorgeously green artificial grass!

Wildlife friendly

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Many homeowners are increasing the usability of their gardens, and not just from themselves. Gardens are social hubs for all types of creatures, both on the ground and in the air. Many plants and bushes will be kept loose and untidy, for a more wild and natural look. Hedges will also be used instead of fencing to keep gardens as green as possible.

If you own an artificial grass lawn, there are things you can also do to help bring in these visitors. Design your garden with wildlife in mind by include plants that attract pollinators such as butterflies and bees, or leave mulch and shaded areas for ground creatures to thrive such as hedgehogs and caterpillars. Know how to cater to a variety of wildlife by adding some of these features in our article.

Long-lasting furniture

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When summer comes around and you’re hosting your annual BBQ, or you want to enjoy your garden wildlife in Spring; quality furniture is key. Chipped and faded paint on benches or weather damaged chairs can work if you enjoy the romance of an overgrown or forgotten garden, but it’s a tricky look to pull off.  We will be seeing a rise in high end and luxury garden furniture for your family and guests to enjoy in 2019, a great trend to embrace if your garden furniture needs a makeover.

As we said before, bright and bold will be 2019 colour scheme for a lot of homes, so make sure your flowers and furniture are matching to avoid any colour clashing eye-sores!

Eye-catching structures

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Most sheds are placed at the back of the garden and are usually left untouched once the garden equipment fills it up. This is all changing in 2019 as many homeowners are upgrading their once shabby sheds to a beautiful focal point of their garden. A simple lick of paint, or adding some windows and lights can help turn your boring building into an interesting garden feature.

With an artificial grass lawn, you won’t need to store a lawn mower or strimmer which takes up room, and your gardening products can easily be kept in a cupboard, leaving you with a large amount of shed room. This is where you can completely transform your shed into a staycation summer house to hold fun furniture for the warmer weather, such as bean bags, or use the shed as your staycation spot by adding a mini kitchen or hot tub.

A different kind of landscaping

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2019 is expected to see something old and something new. Crazy paving, charred timbers and gabion walls all provide the same effect of an uneven and irregular design, and whilst crazy paving is making a comeback, we are slightly excited to see the uses of log and gabion walls. Acting as feature or flowerbed walls, they also provide habitats for a range of wildlife to help keep gardens thriving with life.