Celebrate our Trulawn Grass of the Year for 2020!

It’s that time of year when we find out which of grasses will be Grass of the Year 2020! And what a year it has been – lockdown has had a massive effect on the way we live our lives, how we structure our days and who and where we can spend time with the ones we love.

At Trulawn we’ve seen huge demand for artificial lawns as people recognise the benefits of being able to rely on their outdoor space for socialising, exercise and impromptu educating at a moment’s notice!

There have been challenges for us, as there have been for every business this year.  Whilst we’re lucky to work in an industry that works outside, adhering to government guidelines and following additional precautions hasn’t always been easy! We’re extremely grateful to all our customers who chose Trulawn this year, and hope to help even more people use their lawn in better ways in 2021.

But now for our Grass of the Year 2020 rundown…

Number 3

Trulawn Luxury!


Trulawn Luxury has been with us from the very beginning and is super reliable choice.

Whilst it’s at the top end of the price spectrum, it’s made of for authentic appearance, high durability and greater bounce-back abilities. This is welcome for those who want to spend as little time as possible maintaining their grass!

Number 2

Trulawn Supreme!


Trulawn Supreme is a firm favourite and consistently in our Top 3 bestsellers every year. Super soft, and with a realistic spring-like appearance it is often the number one choice for young families.

Number 1: Grass of the Year for 2020!

Trulawn Prestige!


Trulawn Prestige continues to be highly sought after by customers. It’s been at the top of the bestseller list before, and has managed again with a strong lead over our other grasses. With a lovely long, dense 37mm pile and classic British lawn look it’s been a firm favourite for families.

Why is it our bestseller and grass of the year 2020?

With children stuck at home rather than school and parents trying to work, an outdoor area for the children to play has been a vital area of space for a lot of family homes.

But at the same time, if you’ve set up your home office to overlook the garden it’s nice to view something that looks a fresh and tidy version of the real thing!

This grass is an absolute steal in terms of value. So if you’re on a tight budget but still looking for high quality, Trulawn Prestige is the choice for you!

Special Mention

Trulawn Pro-Putt


As part of our artificial grass offering, we also specialise in creating one of a kind putting greens. We’ve seen a huge increase in putting green creations this year – and we love it! It’s a great opportunity to get creative with how you use your garden, and really captures the spirit of what we’re all about here at Trulawn.

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