We introduced Trulawn Optimum last year after hearing from our customers that there was demand for an even longer artificial grass in our product range.

Trulawn Optimum is our longest grass with a dense thatch to help keep the blades upright. It can be used for a lot of different project styles and applications. Here are some of the top reasons to choose Trulawn Optimum…

1. Soft on skin for all the family (even pets!)

Trulawn Optimum is made of a super soft plastic that is gentle on skin for both children and pets alike. Our longer grasses like Trulawn Optimum are often popular with families because they easily bend underfoot, perfect for when playing, rolling around or simply finding your feet!

2. Goes well with flowery borders

If you like the look of a traditional garden with a full flowery border, but are trying to cut back on the maintenance of your grass, our longer pile grasses are a great choice of replacement. At 40mm Trulawn Optimum has a longer pile and blades of different widths to replicate a more authentic appearance. This helps compliment a vibrant, growing garden of different textures and lengths.

3. For Fans of the Well Grown Look

Each of our grasses has been individually designed so no two are the same.

Some people enjoy the look of a well-tended, freshly cut Summer lawn, others prefer the fresh, first growth of Spring; and we’ve got grasses for both of these. Trulawn Optimum offers the perfect in-between, that time as Spring turns to Summer when the grass is thick and still soft but not quite as dark. If that’s your favourite time of year then why not have it all year round?

4. Suitable for laying on decking and patio

If you’re hoping to give a decking or patio area an upgrade but aren’t able to take up the existing surface, then artificial grass is a fantastic option. Trulawn Optimum is a soft, dense grass with a luxurious look that can spruce up any tired and grey surfaces. At our amazing Spring Offer price you don’t have to settle for standard! Go on and treat yourself!

5. Amazing value

Trulawn Optimum is fantastic value all year round, but our special Spring Offer price is one not to be missed.

If you’ve always wanted to transform your lawn with something luxurious but also appreciate a bargain then this is an incredible opportunity to get your dream lawn.

Trulawn Optimum has a ten year product guarantee against UV fading and rot degradation. And if you give your grass a little love every so often this could last much longer!

What are you waiting for?

Our Spring Optimum Offer is available for a limited time only and is exclusive to supply only customers. That means it’s not available as part of a Trulawn installation, but is available for DIY or tradespeople.

If you’re looking for more information on how to install artificial grass yourself you can take a look at our Installation Process to find out more.