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Reducing Plastic Waste: Recycled Artificial Grass

At Trulawn, we don’t support plastic waste. We design our products to last and guarantee a long lifespan by only using high quality materials. We have spent many years improving our products to cater to our customers and are proud to offer the first artificial grass product made from 80% recycled products.

Trulawn Harmony

Trulawn Harmony Artificial Grass

artificial grass harmony product by Trulawn

Made from


recycled plastics

Why is it only made from 80% recyclable products?

Our most environmentally responsible artificial grass is made from recyclable plastic waste. The making of Trulawn Harmony uses plastic waste from the agricultural industry by recycling the plastic used to protect and store foods and other objects into manufacturing the grass.

Only 20% of the artificial grass is made from unrecycled plastic to ensure your grass is protected against UV fading and provides the high durability needed for a longer lifespan.

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Made from


recyclable plastics

How is it recyclable?

Harmony grass is made from the same plastic polymer which means it could be recycled as the plastics don’t have to be separated.

If installed with tape joining two pieces of grass together, the grass as a whole becomes unrecyclable unless the strip containing the tape was removed. The strip with the tape would not be able to be recycled.

What goes well with Trulawn Harmony?

We believe in having the best of both worlds. Here are some ideas to for how you might encourage wildlife to visit:


Keep flowerbeds, tree or bushes in your garden


Plant pollinator flowers


Feed your local wildlife

school playgound

Suitable for Schools

At Trulawn, we want children to get active and enjoy being outside. A concrete surface may be practical but hardly engaging, and wet weather can limit play areas due to muddy fields. We want children to get the most out of their break times, Trulawn Harmony is perfect for inviting a soft play space and brightening up dull, concrete areas to improve their creativity.

We understand that many schools want to help educate the children about the environmental impacts. As a cost-effective alternative to concrete or worn away, muddy grass, it is no wonder why more schools are upgrading to our artificial grass alternatives.

Latex Free Backing

the underside of artificial grass

Latex-free grass is perfect for homeowners with large or many animals using the space as part of their daily routine. Thanks to the polypropylene dispersion technology used in making the backing, the liquids pass through the grass more easily whilst also maintaining the integrity and stability of the grass. The durability of our most eco-conscious artificial grass won’t be affected, so you and your pets can enjoy a lawn perfect for those active paws for years to come!

Nearly all artificial grass is manufactured with a latex backing, used to keep stitching in place, maintain a high durability and ensure a long lifespan.

Though uncommon, a latex backing is more likely to retain moisture and by extension odours compred to a latex-free backing.

dog standing on artificial grass in the garden
recycled plastic bench

What Do Recycled Plastics Become?

When plastics are taken to the recycling processor, many items can be made.

In some places where grass is recycled, the grass is intensively washed to remove and chemicals and contaminants and then melted into pellets. Once in their pellet form they can be made into items including artificial wood products like benches and even draining pipes.
Check with a recycling centre before bringing any plastic product, as not all facilities offer the same service.

Recycling Your Installation Sub-base

We install our lawns to make sure that they are stable and for you to enjoy a long-lasting garden, but that doesn’t mean they have to be a permanent fixture. A typical domestic lawn requires a 6-8cm sub-base, but this can vary slightly depending on each project. After many years of love, your artificial lawn sub-base can be removed and disposed of responsibly.

grass rolls

Recyclable plastics

  • Stabilisation membrane
  • Edging
  • Weed membrane

These elements are made of one plastic rather than a mixture, this means they are more easily recycled. Local recycling centres differ on what they will and will not accept, so best to check if this will be accepted at the one closest to you.

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Recyclable metals

  • Screws

If you have the time, the screws used to fix your lawn can be taken out and recycled.

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Recyclable materials

  • Limestone aggregate
  • Grano dust

If you are using a skip company to remove the lawn, ask them whether their waste is taken to a pit where it can be recycled. Some companies differ.