Artificial Grass Cleaner

£9.99 (1 litre) (ex VAT)

Ideal for use on artificial grass. Removes dirt, grease animal droppings, algae, moss and a wide range of soiling. Treatment will help suppress bacteria, algae and fungal growth. 

Artificial grass cleaner should be diluted up to 1 part with 10 parts of warm water, and best applied through a watering can with a rose attachment. Work in well with a stiff brush and leave for up to 30 mins to penetrate before rinsing away with cold water.

For heavily soiled areas, pre-spray or brush the undiluted cleaner onto the affected area before proceeding with above instructions.

Trulawn Artificial Grass cleaner restores artificial grass to its usually fresh appearance, whilst also adding a pleasant newly-cut grass fragrance.

Professional Installations

For the best finish contact your local professional installer. This will ensure that your Trulawn artificial lawn is installed to highest standard with a full 10 year guarantee.

If you are interested in supply only or require more information on this product please call 0800 2100 461 or complete our general enquiry form.

Trade Enquiries

For wholesale artificial grass and trade enquiries please see our trade section where you can make an enquiry and discuss any questions you might have with a dedicated account manager.

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