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Adventure Playground Artificial Grass Transformation!

How fantastic is this adventure playground artificial grass transformation in Putney?

The Sands End Adventure Playground is a youth centre in Putney. It provides vital afterschool space for disadvantaged kids in the local area.  With artificial grass we’ve transformed the existing grass into a much brighter, safer place for the kids. Now they play, learn and socialise outside of normal school hours on grass that is soft and green all year round!

As you can see the grass was worn out from frequent use with large muddy patches throughout the lawn. If you don’t keep an eye on these areas they can keep growing and become a bit of a trip or slip hazard! We’ve given the space a makeover with Trulawn Prestige to cover over 145sqm. We also offer coloured grass options if you’d like to enhance the adventure aspect by creating a themed space.

Like a lot of schools and community centres a large project like this can often require fundraising. Trulawn Prestige is a great choice for projects where the budget is high priority. As a grass in the Trulawn range you can rely on good quality, whilst also providing exceptional value for money.

If you’d like a free quote for an adventure playground artificial grass project at your school or children’s centre get in touch with Trulawn. Our friendly team will be happy to help.

Installation Details

Area Size
145 square metres.
Trulawn Prestige

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Trulawn Prestige

Trulawn Prestige

£24.49 (ex VAT)

Made specifically to match colour of British lawns.

Child safe and ideal for playing

Trulawn, playtime friendly artificial grass, we specialise in supplying and installing artificial grass for schools and child safe surfaces for play areas. We can install a soft shockpad underlay when installing the grass that creates an even safer, cushioned feel to the surface.

Strong, Durable, High Quality

Trulawn's artificial grass is a pretty tough product, it’s designed to withstand the rain, sun, wind, hyper children and playful pets.

Safe for pets, dogs LOVE it.

Artificial grass is made of soft and springy materials, which most animals find is perfect for running and rolling around on all year long! Introduce your family pets to our artificial grass and see how much they enjoy their new playground!

UV stabilised for anti-fade

Trulawn grass is covered by our guarantee, but we ensure that our synthetic grass is fully stabilised against UV fading so you have peace of mind for years to come.

Other, lower quality grasses from alternative suppliers may not provide protection against fading from intense sunlight and weathering nor might they provide a guarantee.

No muddy mess!

Paw prints and muddy boots, the horror! For most homes, when the rain comes (and it comes pretty frequently in the UK!), you can bet that somebody is going to end up walking mud through the house after being in the garden, whether it's children or dogs!

Trulawn’s artificial grass installations make those worries disappear! Rain or shine, keep your schedule and your home mud free!

No more mowing!

Artificial grass is essentially maintenance free, obviously, you no longer need to cut your grass. So bin the mower and enjoy the time you would have spent dragging the mower in and out of the shed, emptying the cuttings and walking back and forth by relaxing in your garden with your always perfect looking lawn.

No wasteful watering

We’re advised constantly to refrain from wasting water on garden use, in high summer with soaring temperatures you don’t want your meticulously manicured lawn to scorch. Trulawn, being so low maintenance means it never needs watering.

Water drainage on lawns

With artificial grass there is no need to worry about water drainage, artificial lawns drain water like a regular lawn and even better in some cases. All our grass has built in drainage technology that quickly allows water to pass through the pile and into the ground below.