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Is artificial grass suitable for pets?

Trulawn grass is pet friendly!

A huge amount of our customers are people whose lawns are looking less than stellar because of a pet. Installing artificial grass is the perfect way of transforming your lawn into something beautiful that both you and your pet can enjoy, whilst also saving yourself from muddy paw prints!

If your dog is constantly digging up bits of earth or kicking its legs up, artificial grass can save your lawn from looking like a muddy battleground. Trulawn secure our artificial grass by nailing it to a tanalised timber edging. This, combined with the fact that artificial grass is made of extremely durable materials, should stop even those most vigorous dog from digging up a lawn. It’s not indestructible though so if the behaviour persists after your lawn is installed it may be a behavioral aspect of your dog that needs addressing.

Our grasses are great if you’re also concerned about the discoloured patches made when nature calls. Along with being UV stabilised against fading in the sun, the colour of our grass is not affected by pet mess. Any liquids drain easily though the backing on the grass and into the aggregate sub-base below. This base is made of a layer of sharp sand and type 1 limestone, porous materials that stop any puddles from forming on your lawn. It’s also super easy to clean. We recommend using warm soapy water to clean the area as soon as possible after removing any pet mess, with a hosing down in the dry months to get rid of any lingering odors. High strength bleaches or detergents are not necessary nor advised for use.

Pets also love the feel of artificial grass because it’s made of soft and springy materials perfect for running and rolling around on all year long. It’s suitable for most pets, with shorter and longer grasses available to suit their needs. Some pets might be inclined to ingest the grass which we would not recommend, it is after all made of plastic.

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