It’s a very simple tip this month! And it’s all about factory edges.

No doubt you’ve encountered that flappy bit of extra backing at the end of a roll width. This is an extra bit of material and occurs in manufacturing. It’s really important to remove this extra material before laying as it’s completely unnecessary.


Don’t just cut this off without a thought, as the line you choose to cut is very important if you are making a join.

  1. If you turn over and cut at least 1-2 stitch lines (whatever you can afford to lose) off the width, this will leave the blades sticking over the membrane making it easier to pinch together when laying.
  2. If you do not cut off a few stitches into the width then the edges will not blend as well and instead by flat and noticeable.
  3. We recommend leaving a 3mm-4mm gap to follow the stitch line sequence and make the join seamless. This is important, because if you put two stitch lines too close together then you will create a mohawk in the grass – which is not a great look either!