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Artificial Grass for Tracks & Trails

Improve the health and wellbeing of pupils by installing an artificial grass track or trail at your school.

These are bespoke creations installed to fit the size and shape of your grounds, so whether you need it curved around a corner or straight down one side we can make it work for you.


The Daily Mile™ Initiative

The Daily Mile Initiative was set up to improve the health and wellbeing of pupils by encouraging a run or jog of 15 minutes every day.

Sport England have pledged £1.5 million of National Lottery Funding to The Daily Mile scheme to help support schools looking to implement the initiative and better the level of physical activity in young children.

Research has shown that daily activity in schools has the benefit of:


Increased Concentration


Improved Sleep Patterns

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Develop Better Social Skills

Go to the Sport England website to find out more about how you can secure funding for your school.
  • Rooftop installation with Trulawn Prestige

    Roof top grass installation

    Check out the fantastic transformation on this roof top grass installation for John Perryn Primary in West London. Roof spaces are increasingly being utilised for extra space potential and can offer a garden experience that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Artificial grass can instantly create a garden-like appearance through it’s true-to-life look and feel. The great things is, you can lay a lot of it in a relatively short of space of time. So you can have maximum impact and minimum timeframe. We’ve dressed this installation with sand to disperse the light, which is a common treatment for lawns that are…

  • Tower Hill Primary School Farnborough Lifestyle Black Artificial Grass

    Wet-pour replacement

    This school wanted a wet-pour replacement that was durable but soft for the children to use on a regular basis. Our Trulawn Lifestyle is a neat and tidy 27mm grass that is close to traditional lawn grasses but available in 7 colours! Tower Hill Primary in Farnborough have chosen the black option as their wet-pour replacement as it’s the least likely to show up any mud from the surrounding natural grass areas.This grass is made from 100% Polyethylene which is the most durable plastic in our range, and ideal for heavy use areas like this play equipment space.

  • Trail Track in Dartford

    Coloured Running Track

    We created a coloured running track at this school in Dartford to make sports even more engaging for the pupils! Our Trulawn Trail grass is perfect for this purpose. Not only does it come in 7 vibrant colours, it has a coiled pile which makes it highly durable for daily usage. When children are running up and down throughout the day, you don’t want it wearing out any time soon. We’ve used our coloured grasses in a variety of ways to make outdoor environments offer something extras special for children. Have a look at our Schools Portfolio archives for other…

What Makes Trulawn Trail Ideal for Early Years Environments?


Heavy Footfall & Impact Areas

Coiled blades, densely woven, are ideal for trim trails or tracks suitable for The Daily Mile due to their high durability. Flattening is limited, which is perfect for areas receiving prolonged usage and installation around play equipment.

blue boat

Low Maintenance

The tight weave of the grass and the short pile height, makes it an extremely low maintenance option for outdoor surfacing as it requires almost no brushing. If you’re conscious of ground maintenance costs then this is a cost effective alternative to natural grass.

red artificial grass

Creative Approach to Activity

Trulawn Trail is available in 7 different colours for greater visual impact. Being able to incorporate creative thinking into outdoor areas, encourages kids to use their imagination whilst engaging in physical activity.

What Makes Trulawn Different?

Trulawn specialise in artificial grass surfacing for education environments, having installed our products for more than a decade in almost 800 nurseries and schools across Great Britain.
In the last three years, over 10% of schools where we have installed our artificial grass have chosen to install an additional area after the success of their first.
We are consistently chosen by education providers because of the quality of our grass range, and first-rate installations.

Want to Know More About Trulawn Trail for Schools?

To find out how perfect Trulawn Trail is for a track suitable for The Daily Mile at your school, please make an enquiry for more information and a FREE installation quote.

shield  Safety Standards

  • Our 20mm shock pad meets a 1.1m critical fall height and 2.0m height with two layers
  • Rubber edging can be used for laying on concrete and tarmac to help prevent a trip hazard switching between surfaces
  • Our grasses are graze proof – ideal for young children’s skin

lock  Security

  • Installations carried out by Trulawn Employees
  • DBS Checked
  • Liability Insured
  • Risk Assessment Provided

check  Quality Guarantee

  • 10 Year Product Guarantee
  • 2 Year Workmanship Guarantee

Want to Know More About Trulawn Trail for Schools?

To find out how perfect Trulawn Trail is for a track suitable for The Daily Mile at your school, please make an enquiry for more information and a FREE installation quote.

It is not mandatory for a school to invest in a running track in order to participate in The Daily Mile.