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The ultimate grass solution, ideal for school fields, play areas, sports pitches and nurseries. Trulawn’s artificial grasses are safe, durable and practical.

Trulawn – Perfect for schools & nurseries

Artificial grass can completely transform a school or nursery grounds. With children running around and play equipment in frequent use, natural grass can struggle to cope with high footfall especially during particularly dry or wet periods.


Artificial grass is a safe, realistic looking and durable alternative that provides even coverage all year round. Trulawn are consistently chosen by schools and nurseries for our high quality grasses and first rate installations. Here are some of the important specifications Trulawn meets:

Safety Standards

  • Our 20mm shock pad meets a 1.1m critical fall height and 2.0m height with two layers.
  • Our grasses are flame retardant to BS 4790 standard.
  • Our grasses are graze proof – ideal for young children’s skin

Quality Guarantee

  • Grass is fully stabilised against UV fading
  • Grass is fully porous
  • Grass will not degrade or rot


  • All installations are by Trulawn employees
  • DBS Approved
  • Risk Assessments provided

Does it need maintenance?

All artificial grasses need some level of maintenance, especially if they are going to be high traffic areas. Thankfully it is a very durable surface so this is far less than with natural grass. We recommend that excess leaves are removed and the grass is given a stiff brush in order to keep it looking tip top.

We use a power brusher to lift the pile and these can be bought online. Alternatively, give us a ring and we can arrange a maintenance visit. Trulawn grasses are all non-infill grasses so that means we don’t add sand to the top. This saves from any yearly cost of sand removal and replacement.


Downside was one of our biggest ever projects with over 7500sqm of Trulawn Luxury chosen to cover a sports pitch and surrounding school grounds. The entire area was excavated, edged, had layers of limestone and sand laid and compacted and grass laid with multiple heavy duty diggers, dumpers and a bulldozer used.

As artificial grass suppliers Trulawn were able to have specific artificial grass rolls manufactured to suit the scale of the job. The longest roll of grass produced for this project was 67m, well beyond the typical 25m length of roll.

We have the capability to meet the needs of all sorts of areas because we are an established and experienced company. Trulawn were able to take on such a large job because we have strong workforce of multiple in-house teams, with the training and skills to be able to manage it.

Holy Cross Primary

Holy Cross Primary wanted to utilise their space by installing artificial grass on a roofed area between buildings. When Trulawn came in, the paving slabs were uneven and causing a trip hazard to children and staff. As the area was above the ground, there was no excavation needed, instead the school were advised to lay a 25mm shock pad.

Shock pad is a great option if there are access issues to laying the artificial grass. It is much easier to transport, but can still offer a spongy but firm feel underfoot.

Trulawn were able to use a crane to get the materials onto the roof and completely transform the area. The Trulawn Luxury grass has made the area a neat, safe, and durable area to use for many years to come.

Talavera Infants School Grass

Talavera Infants School

Talavera Infants School were introducing new play equipment to their school grounds and wanted to create a play space that would last. Artificial grass was the perfect choice to ensure that the area would not wear thin with use or become unusable with rain.

The team installed 750sqm of artificial grass in the area, cutting and fitting around the newly installed play equipment. As the leading supplier of artificial grass to schools and nurseries, the team were very experienced in working around unusual shapes.

There was also a slope to one end of the area. It is entirely possible to install artificial grass on slopes or mounds, which is perfect if you want to create continuous free-flow play areas. The finished installation was not only a practical surfacing solution but also a tidy, green, attractive area.

Shock Pad

Shock pad is a type of underlay that is often used as a base for artificial grass in schools and nurseries. Made out of fused together polyethylene pieces, shock pad is a fall cushioning substrate. It has a spongy but firm feel which makes it perfect for use as an outdoor safety surface.

Used under and around play equipment in schools and nurseries, shock pad is used to deliver what’s called a ‘critical fall height’. A critical fall height is the greatest height of head first fall, from which a child, landing on a surface could be expected to avoid sustaining a critical head injury. Shock pad is used to meet these critical fall heights – typically between 1 – 2 meters.

Rubber edging

When it comes to kids, safety is always the most important consideration. Sometimes in a lay only situation (when you are installing on top of an existing surface like concrete) it is a good idea to include rubber edging in the installation.

This is a black sloping edging that alleviates the potential trip hazard of transitioning between the two surfaces. It is generally not needed when installing within a grass area because the ground is excavated in order that the grass will meet the surface of existing paving or concrete.

Coloured grass

Trulawn also 12 different coloured grasses available. If you want to create a play environment for creative thinking and games then coloured grass is also an option.

All of our coloured grasses have the same UV stabilisation as our traditional grasses which means no loss of colour in the sun.

National Coverage

The UK’s Favourite Artificial Grass Company

Trulawn supplies and installs the most true-to-life artificial grass available in the UK. With Trulawn you don’t need to be green fingered to have a gorgeous garden!

We specialise in transforming back gardens with the highest quality fake grass that looks and feels as good as the real thing.


Our network of Trulawn installers operate across the UK and are trained to the highest standard, ensuring that you receive the highest level of service.

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