Shockpad Underlay

£13.99 per square metre (ex VAT)

Shock pad is a fall cushioning substrate, with a spongy but firm feel making it perfect for use as an outdoor safety surface and at home.

Artificial Grass Underlay
Artificial Grass Underlay

Shock Pad is a legal requirement in schools where high play equipment is used, but it is also becoming increasingly popular in back gardens.

Shock pad is a type of underlay that is often used as a base for artificial grass in schools and nurseries. Made out of fused together polyethylene pieces, Shock pad is a fall cushioning substrate. It has a spongy but firm feel which makes it perfect for use as an outdoor safety surface.

Installation of artificial grass can be tricky in properties with gardens that don’t have any side access. Using Shock pad in these scenarios means a ‘cleaner’ installation which minimises the amount of hard landscaping material that needs to be taken through the house. While excavating the lawn will still be necessary, the installation process is quicker when Shock pad is used as it replaces the need for an aggregate to be laid and compacted.

Professional Installations

For the best finish contact your local professional installer. This will ensure that your Trulawn artificial lawn is installed to highest standard with a full 10 year guarantee.

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