We’re excited to announce our Trulawn Luxury artificial grass has undergone a makeover for 2021! After ten years at the top of our range we decided it was due a bit of an upgrade to make sure it offers the ultimate in look, feel and performance fitting for its name.

At Trulawn we’re dedicated to creating grasses with the highest quality and longevity in mind. As a leading artificial grass brand we are constantly looking for ways to offer even better results for our customers. Sometimes that means giving one of our favourites a little facelift!

The great news is, everything you loved about it is still the same:

Still made with 100% Polyethylene yarn

This gives it better bounce back ability and overall durability compared to mix plastic yarns. So if you’re really looking to do as little maintenance as possible for a garden busy with activity this is a great choice.

This also has better overall protection against UV damage so preserves the lovely look of your lawn for longer.

Same natural appearance

Trulawn Luxury has always been popular for its lifelike appearance. We’re not just using the same quality yarn but the same colour combination too. Our mix of dark and light colours is the perfect blend to imitate a healthy, well-tended lawn.

So what’s different?

We’ve increased the density by introducing an additional stitch. Sounds small, but it makes a big difference! This makes it feel even more cushiony underfoot and offers even greater stability. Compared to our original Luxury there’s a subtle difference in appearance but retains everything you liked about the original!

All at the same price

That’s right, even though we’re adding more to the grass we’re not raising the price. So you’re getting even better value for money when you choose Trulawn Luxury.

We’re proud to be able to offer our customers this upgrade for 2021 and hope you’re as impressed with the results as we are! Please get in touch if you’re interested in getting a quote for an installation or DIY project.