We’ve totted up the numbers, and reviewed the feedback from our customers, to find out which of our great Trulawn range will be named Trulawn Grass of the Year.

Last year our flagship product Trulawn Luxury made it to the top of the pile, but has it held its place this year? Trulawn Supreme had a big surge right towards the end of 2015…will it manage to topple Luxury to become the favourite for 2016? 

And the winner is…

It’s one of our highest quality grasses: Trulawn Supreme!

Overtaking last year’s winner, with more metres sold of this than any other grass across our Installation and Trade departments. Homeowners too, have consistently chosen Trulawn Supreme helping it to become this year’s favourite grass.

And it’s no surprise, Trulawn Supreme is up there with the very best quality grasses on the market. Find out why below!

What sets it apart?


Trulawn Supreme is our longest grass at 37mm, and has the soft, lush feel of a new Spring lawn. This is the perfect height for a lush, low-maintenance lawn, as it is long enough to feel dense underfoot, but does not need an in-fill added to the top in order to keep it upright.


Supreme’s colouring is an attractive blend of dark and lime green with a subtle tan thatch, exactly the colour of healthy, newly grown grass. Spring is the time when colour comes back to the garden so this is a lovely, refreshing grass to have all year round.


Supreme is a great grass for families, it’s non-abrasive so perfect for kids and pets to play on. Or for parents to sit back and relax on of course!

Some Supreme gardens from 2016…

Of course the only way to really find out why Trulawn Supreme is the grass of 2016 is to get yourself a free sample pack! You might find you like one of our other grasses even more, but you won’t know until you get them in your hands and have a feel!