It was great to see that Trulawn Continental made it into the Daily Mail this weekend as one of their top choices of artificial grass. The article noted that the big increase in homeowners choosing to opt for the fake stuff was down to the fact that it looks so realistic! Gone are the days of green grocer fluorescence, now it’s all about making it look as real and authentic as possible.

That’s one of the reasons Trulawn Continental stands out as a favourite among our customers, and has a firm place within our core range of grasses. It has a tan and dark brown root zone along with a blend of lime and dark green blades, which gives it that true to life appearance.

As the Daily Mail describes, it has a ‘Convincing brown thatch, and with a pile height of 1 in, it gives a very short and neat appearance to the garden’.

A tidy garden can be a lot of time and effort to achieve and maintain, time that most of us just don’t have. Trulawn Continental offers a shorter, neater, very easy to maintain look reminiscent of a freshly cut summer lawn. So if you’re tired of dragging out your lawnmower every few weeks, maybe now is the time to chuck it out for good!

If you’re interested in seeing for yourself why the Daily Mail recommended Trulawn Continental, then request your free sample and see the whole range sent directly to your home.

Also featured in the article was a follow up with one of our customers. Find out what his verdict was in How well does a fake lawn hold up? Ask the Daily Mail’s Robert Hardman…