There are some top tips for embarking on fake grass installation.

An increasing number of people are turning to artificial grass installation. Offering a low maintenance solution to a year-round lovely lawn, fake grass installation is easier than ever. If you have decided to save a little money and complete your artificial grass installation yourself, it can be tricky to know where to start. Purchasing your synthetic turf from a reputable retailer is a good place to start. They will often offer helpful and informative guides on how best to install and maintain your new lawn to keep it looking its best for longer.

Laying the Foundations

Ground preparation is the key to making your artificial turf look its best for longer. If you have uneven ground, you may need to landscape it prior to laying the turf. Remove any existing grass, weeds and large stones to create a level ground ready for fake grass installation.

Smooth it Out

The smoother the ground, the easier it will be to lay artificial turf that will settle correctly. Fill the excavated area where you wish to lay turf with a layer of limestone aggregate, then grano dust and compact the ground for an even finish. To get a really smooth finish you can use a flooring float. To stop weeds in their tracks, lay a geo-textile membrane that will lock weeds out and ensure your lawn is flawless year-round.

Lay Your Lawn

Carefully lay your fake grass into position by rolling out the turf. Simply trim around the edges for a beautiful finish. Jointing tape can be purchased from your artificial grass supplier. This will help you connect pieces of turf together for large areas of lawn.

Fake Grass Installation from TruLawn

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